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Three Little Kittens need Furever Homes (Pics)

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For those of you who haven't read my earlier posts, a stray kitty adopted me a few months ago. She was still a kitten herself but was already pregnant. Goldy had three beautiful babies on August 23.

The kittens have had their first series of shots and will be spayed/neutered on December 16 (my vet won't do it earlier). I will have them microchipped at the same time. They should be healed up just in time for Christmas.

I've been asking around and haven't found anyone who wants a kitten, but I need to get serious about advertising now. I can put a notice up at the vet's office and maybe put an ad in the local paper. I'm asking for $30 to help defray my costs. (It doesn't come close to covering vet bills, but I'm not sure I could get anyone to take the kittens if I ask for more).

My question is: can I call this an adoption fee, or is that a legal term that requires licensing or permits?

If a TCS member is interested and lives close enough, I would be willing to drive 3-4 hours to bring the kitten(s) to you.

#1-Iris. Female, brown patched tabby

#2-Lion. Male, red classic tabby

#3-Cali. Female, brown patched tabby

Iris is the most independent and would probably do okay as an only kitty, but she will demand a lot of attention from her humans. Very loving, mischievous kitty.

Lion and Cali would do much better staying together. Cali is calmer than Iris and a little shy. She likes to cuddle. Lion is more adventuresome, but always wants to be around the other kitties. Maybe he wants witnesses to his daring escapades. He likes to cuddle when he's sleepy.

I have a hard time getting pictures of them in action, but I keep trying.

Here they are on the day they were born.

Iris at about 5 weeks.

Her eyes have changed to a color I can't quite describe, kind of a light brown. They matched the lighter brown in her fur. Cali's eyes are the same color, and Lion's close with maybe a little more yellow.

Cali glaring because I interrupted her lunch. She usually has a much sweeter expression, but this picture shows her face well.

Cali watching Lion play

Sorry this one is out of focus, but you can see Lion's classic bullseye pattern.
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Lion is so pretty! it's a good thing i'm at my limit, or i'd be REALLY tempted!
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He doesn't take up much room--yet. I think he's going to be about twice the size of his mother.
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I ask for an adoption fee. I'm not licensed or anything, but I never thought about the legality of it lol
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What precious kitties - maybe you could advertise them as "Princess" kitties - they would be perfect for a young girl, to be her loving companions during those pre-teen and teen-age years. I love their exquisite, Oriental look - I think with advertising, you'll have success.
IMO, I'd ask for more $- it's not too much. You could also try to find a quality pet shop & put an ad on their bulletin board.
My vet doesn't like to neuter males too young, either, because, according to her, some males get urinary tract infections when they get done too soon.
Sending successful homing vibes for Iris, Cali & Lion (I love the names as much as I love the look )
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I just adopted out all of Mia's kittens, I got them all sputered a couple weeks ago. My vet charged 75 for males and 125 for the females. The females already had homes, and the new owners were grateful for the lower cost spay from a really good vet. The fee also included micro chipping, then she threw in wormer while they were there. She is a great vet.


I advertised them on craig's list and said there would a rehoming fee involved to cover the surgeries. You want to charge enough, so that they don't go to people who will use them to train their pit bulls. I have heard heartbreaking stories.

I didn't have ANY trouble at all finding homes! You shouldn't either, they are beautiful. I would advertise a 50 rehoming fee, that way, you will only get serious people who want to give a good home. Then you can lower the cost once you feel them out.

But all of my new homes were happy to pay it!

Let me know if you have any questions! My last kitten went home today. I still have one, we are keeping one of the white girls. I posted about it in The Cat Lounge.

Have faith! If you adverstise, they will come!!
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Thanks, Yarra. What category do you use on craigslist? I've never seen a pet category. Do you put any kind of description in the title of the ad, or just "Kittens for sale"?

My vet charges $80 to spay. I don't know yet what the neuter charge is, but I think it's less. I'm also having them microchipped, which adds another $35. I haven't added up the charges for the initial shots and boosters, but it's probably at least $25. When you look at it that way, $50 doesn't sound unreasonable. I like the idea of a "rehoming fee" rather than an "adoption fee", too.

If I advertise them as Christmas kittens I may get better response.
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50 is not unreasonable at all. It is a great deal for good, serious owners, and it keeps the people wanting a "free/almost free" kitten away.

Your babies are beautiful. You shouldn't have any trouble.

You can post them in community under Pets. (it will even say, can't sell animals, but a small rehoming fee is acceptable)

I would keep it simple, similar to what I did, as our situations are similar having taken in a preggo stray.

3 BEAUTIFUL kittens need a GOOD forever home!

Then tell a bit about how you came by goldie, took her in, cared for her vetted her etc.

How everyone will be spuetered/microed/vaccs before going to new homes, $50 rehoming fee. Only loving serious homes need apply. etc.

Here is my add I had on Houston's CL.
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Okay, I think I have my craigslist ad ready to go. I must have only looked under "for sale" categories and not in "community" which was why I never found a Pet category before.

Would it be out of line to ask prospective owners to sign a contract agreeing not to declaw? I would also include a clause requesting that they return the kitties to me if they have to give them up for any reason. I don't think I need to put this in the ad, but would bring it up to anyone who is seriously interested.

I'm going to try to find a home for Goldy where she'll be an only kitty. If I can do that, I'll plan to keep Iris.

I got some pictures that show the kitties off better.

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Good! I am sure you will find good homes for all of them!

As far as signing something that says they will not declaw, I wouldn't. They could easily say, "Oh no! We would never declaw" Sign the thing and declaw anyway.

I would invite them over to look at the kittens, get a feel for the people, bring it up casually if they plan on keeping them inside/outside, clipping or declawing...

When they tell you declawing, I would NICELY explain to them: "Oh dear. Hmm. Do you know anything about declawing? It is as if you took your finger and cut it off at the first joint. It's extreemly painful and even unnesisary" Explain that with patience and training, cats can be taught to claw cat furinture only...etc. That kitties who are declawed can oftentimes become angry and resort to biting since that is now their only defence. Not to mention, NO way of defending themselves if they got out. "Did you know declawing is illega in europe? It's considered inhumane"

If they still act like they don't care or are going to still declaw, then you have a decision...

Keep looking for a home for the kitten, or let it go to a home that will love it, but risk the chance of them declawing it.

I chose the latter. I educated the first few people. They seemed to understand. I know one did. But I didn't even ask the others. I couldn't bare to know. I just knew that I found them good homes, and just because they insist on declawing, doesn't mean they are not going to have loving hoomans.

My aunts is a very responsible and loving cat owner. I would never hesitate to send a kitty there. I know it would be is just what she knows. BUT I know that it has a 100% chance at a loving home, as opposed to a shelter and being pts, or living on the streets. OR given to a home that just doesn't care and lets the cat roam and what-not.

It's a tough call. All you can do is educate them and hope it works. If they want a cat, they are going to get one regardless if it is yours or not...I would take the good home while you've got it.

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Those kitties are all so beautiful!!!! Such rich colors. Hope they find good homes!
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I tried posting on craigslist, but my ad did not show up. I've emailed them 3 times and gotten no response, not even an automated "we received your email". The site won't let me repost until 48 hours after the first attempt even if I remove the first one. So, I guess I wait a few more hours and try again.

I've decided to keep Iris, partly because I just can't let all of them go and partly because Shareena (my first cat) has bonded with her. In fact, Shareena thinks all the kittens are hers. I think it would really upset her if all of them disappeared at once.

I will also try to rehome Goldy. She's such a sweetheart but she lets my other cats bully her. I think she would be much happier as an only cat or staying together with just Lion and no other cats in the house.

If anyone on TCS knows of someone in the area who is looking for a loving kitty, PM me.
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I finally got an ad up on craigslist, and this time it showed up almost immediately. I can also put a notice up at the vet's office, but they only allow a small card. I'll have to ask if I can add pictures.

Before the kittens were born I thought I had homes for two of them. Then when they arrived I called the people and both of them said, "Oh, I already got a kitten."

Anyway, now I think it was a good thing, at least in one case. I happened to see the woman yesterday and she asked about the kittens. I told her they would be spayed/neutered soon and I was still looking for homes for them. She told me she was having her kitten spayed and declawed next week. I tried to tell her in a non-confrontational way what a horrible thing that is for a cat. She said she had worked in a veterinary office and knew exactly what was done in declawing. Her comment was, "They get over it."

I am so happy none of my kittens went to her.
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