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When one of your babies passes away...

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This obviously isn't something any of us like to think about if we don't have to, but whenever I read of someone's loss, I think of what I will/would do when faced with that trauma. I'm a relative newcomer to cat/pet ownership, and have not had to deal with that loss. And frankly, I can't imagine it.

The thing I ponder most though, is whether I would/could get another cat at any point, until all of my original family has passed on. My "gang of four" is so sacred, that I can't imagine trying to fill any "void" with another kitty. There's a part of me that feels like the five of us are "in this together" and I can't imagine altering that chemistry.

Funny part is, I had a fifth kitty that I inherited, that didn't work out (she REALLY needed to be an "only cat"), and a friend of mine was able to take her. It worked out swimmingly. So, I could have five cats, but did it not work out for a reason, and now leave me realizing the "perfection" of my family?

The more I read my own words, the more I wonder if it's possible to love your cats too much.
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10 years ago today I lost Patches and Dec 5th will be 1 year since Stormy was pts.
When I lost my first cat in 1979 I thought I could never love another that much again but i was wrong.
I have lost alot over the years.
The last one was Yoshi Jan 11th.
I am getting a new kitten very soon and my Oreo came 2 weeks before Stormy was Pts.
Not sure if this helps ypu or not.
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For me, I've had many cats over the years and many have gone to Rainbow Bridge. I can't imagine NOT having a cat around (at least one or two). I had one very special cat (my first) and I've never gotten another one like him - he was a blue tabby/white and I will not have any cat that looks like him. He was one of a kind.

I've never even had another of the same color to the one that died. Its hard and sometimes you miss them a lot during certain times or when you see a similar one.

But we all die; I just know they are waiting at Rainbow Bridge to be united one day.
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I just posted the following in another thread, and instead of re-writing the entire thing, I copied & pasted it here.

A little over 13 years ago, I had a very special kitty who I had to have PTS when he developed an inoperable brain tumor. I had had him for 14 years, and I loved him with all my heart & soul. I was devestated when I had to have him put down, and I didn't think I'd ever find another "special" kitty. I had 4 other cats at the time and I loved them too, but Foxy was my very special kitty and I was heart broken. I didn't even want to love another cat in that way again. But then Damian came along, and I fell in love all over again.

I only had him for 2 years, but I loved him in that special way, too. He suddenly died one night, w/o any warning. The vet thought he had had a stroke, but couldn't be sure w/o doing an autopsy. I refused the autopsy due to finances, and also b/c doing the autopsy wouldn't bring him back. I swore to myself that I would NEVER love any cat in that way again, b/c it hurt too much when they died.

Then one day while I was at work, a co-worker showed me a newpaper ad from the local humane society, in which they were advertsing the "pet of the week" - my Maverick. I told the girl I wasn't interested and had no desire in adopting another cat, but she insisted I at least go and take a look at him (mainly b/c he resembled Foxy). I eventually relented, and took a trip to the shelter to inquire about Maverick: as soon as I held him in my arms, I knew that I was in love all over again. I have never regretted adopting Maverick.

Last week, I had to take Maverick in to the vet b/c he was leaking urine, and while he was there, I had the vet do a senior panel on him b/c he is getting old. It turns out he has something wrong with his liver which could be fatal (more testing has to be done to determine exactly what's wrong with his liver) and I'm having to face possibly losing my very special kitty again. I have 9 other cats, but I know I'll be devestated when I lose Maverick. But I also know that in time, I'll be able to remember him with joy & laughter, and w/o tears. It will be a long time coming b/c Maverick is one special kitty and I love him fiercely, but I believe that another very special kitty will come along some day, too. That's not to say that any cat will ever replace Maverick, or Foxy, or Damian, but there will indeed be another very special cat that will help erase the pain of losing the kitty you love so dearly now.

I think that you are ready to find another special love, and I also think that Katie is watching you right now from the Rainbow Bridge - and she's saying, "Please give all your love to some other lucky kitty, Meowmy. I still love you and miss you, but I'm doing all right. I want you to be happy again, and I want you to share that love."

I'm not sure if it really applies in regards to your question, but I think it's close enough.
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One of the absolute beautiful things about having such close relationships with your kitties is loving them, knowing them, caring for them, and them returning every ounce of that love in all the ways they do! There are days when I get very emotional, often cry, thinking of my beloved past kitties who were my best friends. And there is no denying when faced with such circumstances it is a devastating, horribly traumatic experience. When I think of my beloved Sweety who passed 3 years ago, Maia quickly cheers me up. I feel now I couldn't live with out Maia, as much as I miss Sweety!
Its really best to not think of these things, there is so much more life to experience with them!
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