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Troubles going potty-any ideas?

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First of all, don't get me wrong, I already have an appointment with the vet this afternoon so that my Zoe can be checked. I was just very anxious and wondering if any of your cats have ever showned the same symptoms:
It started yesterday night (well, the first time I've noticed). Zoe was squatting in the litterbox for a very long time (at least 20 minutes) and I noticed nothing was coming out. I got very nervous, but she seemed completly fine other than that, so I decided to keep a close eye on her and bring her to the vet the day after (wich is today). When I called to make the appointment, the vet said to make sure she was able to pee and poop. If she is able to go, then I wouldn't need to have her checked. So I put her in the clean litterbox (I kept a bit of the old litter so that she recognize her smell) and encouraged her to go. This time, she was able to poop after what seemed to be more effort than usual, but defenitly not like yesterday. I just haven't seen her pee yet and I'm worried, so I'm now keeping her appart of the other cats to be sure that she pees too.

My question is: Could the new food be an issue? I changed the food more than a week ago, wouldn't the symptoms have come earlier? The brand is Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance (I was told it's all good and natural), reduced in calories. Her sister is quite large, so I put her on a diet and decided to feed Zoe (wich isn't fat) a little more often. Should I switch back to her old food? It's getting hard feeding 3 different kind of food to my 3 cats, but if that's the cause to all that I will!

My other question is: any thought on what it could be? I trust my vet, but sometimes the experience of others could make me pay attention to specific things I might not know or see (things that the vet could forget to mention, for example).

Thank you so much for your help and I will keep you posted on Zoe.
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I'm glad she is seeing the vet. It may be the food change. If the new food has less fiber it may have made her consitpated. I would keep her appointment with the vet to make sure she doesn't have something causing her to block. Good luck!
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I am glad you are going to the vet.
Sounds like bladder problems to me.
My Coco has had bladder problems on and off for 2 years and what you say sounds like what she does.
Ask about a ultrasound and culture test.
Ultrasounds show crystals and stones.
The culture will show if she has a infection and what antibiotic would work.
How old is she?
My coco has had ecoli with bladder stones before and she just had another ecoli infection last sept.
Let me know how your cat is.
Midnight my sister cat had bladder surgery last week but he is a male.
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If you don't know whether she was straining because she couldn't urinate or defecate, a prompt vet visit is in order. If she can't pee, she might be blocked which can be very life threatening. If she is having problems only with her poop, it could be related to changing her food and the vet might be able to give you more advice on how to help her out.
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Sorry I didn't reply sooner,

First of all, thank you all for the help. When I went to the vet, they had to keep her a little while in order to take some urine and then they looked at it on the microscope. The vet was not a 100% sure of what she had (she treated her for an infection, but she wasn't positive it was really one), but decided to give her antibiotics (clavamox) and see. She now seems perfectly fine. I just finished the last pill of antibiotics and I am still keeping a close eye on her. I will take her back to the vet soon, just so that they can send her urine to the lab and rule out any other problem, since the vet was worried that she couldn't see white cells in her urine. I am still worried, but since the antibiotics, she hasn't had any problem going potty or peeing and she really is her normal self.
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Watch her the next few days.
Coco is fine when she is on antibiotics but the infection comes back within 3 days of her being off them.
This last time her infection was gone after 2 weeks but we used another antibiotic.
I hope your cat stays well.
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