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R.I.P Lightening Bug

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Lightening was a stray ( well really a feral but so sweet) and he started losing weight recently, he was on a list for a no kill shelter but never got a chance to make it!We took him to the ver because of his weight loss and found out he had both fiv/felv.We will miss you sweet boy and even though you neer got the chance to be a lap cat,your now in the arms and on the lap of Jesus!we loved you and shouldn't have had to go through this!Til we meet again.......
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I'm very sorry about Lightening - poor boy. Those diseases take way too many kitties before their time.

It sounds like Lightening (great name) was happy and content with you caring for him, so try not to feel bad that he didn't get into the shelter. It's truly a blessing, especially for a stray or feral kitty, when someone opens their heart to them and gives them the love they deserve.

Lightening was very lucky to have been loved by you.
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Poor baby I know he'll be healthy again at the bridge

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Rest in peace sweet kitten boy
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Play happily over RB Bridge, Lightning Bug You will never be sick again - enjoy your Forever Home with all the little people angels on the other side, in Heaven
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Rest in Peace Lightening Bug.
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