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School fire...

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Yesterday morning I got a shock. My brother called me and told me that he had seen on the morning news that the school I teach art at caught fire. I turned the news on and the building that caught fire was the one I teach my art classes in. It is also the schools music room. All of the books, musical instruments and whatever was in the building is gone. No one was hurt, there was a group of students from another state staying in the gym when the fire started. They haven't figured out what caused the fire yet, the building was old it was the original school building that was built nearly a century ago.
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That is very sad news Thank goodness noone was hurt, especially with kids staying in the school at the time. Here is hoping that rebuilding the arts program will not be too challenging
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Thank heaven no one was in there and hurt...or worse. Buildings can be rebuilt and content replaced.
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