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Question Of The Day - Wednesday, November 26th!

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Good morning!

Here's today's question of the day....

Now that the Christmas season is upon us...Do you participate in any charity events, such as 'Toys For Tots', 'Make A Wish', or 'Christmas For Kids'? Do you donate to the Salvation Army? Is there a particular charity in your area that you participate in, or donate to?

Where I work, in the O.R., we adopt a Christmas family. We have a big enough staff that we usually adopt a large family, with several children, or sometimes we'll adopt two families.

I enjoy shopping for the children in our Christmas families. Everyone I buy for in my family is an adult, so it's really fun to buy kid stuff, and think about how happy the children will be!
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We do Salvation Army and we do Toys for Tots
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I have had issues with Salvation Army in the past few years. I prefer to donate all year round than just at Christmas time.
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One of the professional groups I belong to does service in December and we engage in food or toy drives.

I also give money to the local food banks. My "thing" is it's more important that a family have food than gifts at the holidays, if I have to choose what to do with my donation money. I can't abide by the thought of someone going hungry.

And things are really bad here. The food pantries are overun with requests and donations are down. So I have already talked to my mom about making donations in the names of the older children (grandkids-nieces/nephews). They don't need anything, really. The younger ones wouldn't understand, I don't think.
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For several years prior to it's closing I donated several bags of cat and dog food to the Local SPCA each year. However since it closed down last December I had to find a new animal charity. So last year and this year I gave a donation to the World Wildlife Fund.
I also donate to the Salvation Army food and toy drive every year.
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I have a set amount that comes out of my bank each month to my local branch of the Cats Protection, but at christmas i always send them a large cheque for food for the strays and ferals that they feed
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I give to United Way out of my paycheck. I donated some stuff to the local humane society last year, but the gal was kind of weird about it so I probably won't be doing it again.
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I donate all year around to multiple charities (people and animal) all year around, but I donate Toys for Tots at Christmas.
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We have a Santa's anonamous. Food and toys are collected at store and through the school. My children each bring something for breakfast, lunch , supper and a toy. I think it teaches them the Christmas is not all about them. It is about giving to others. They are very fortunate.
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I do Operation Christmas Child every year around this time. Also, year-round I donate to the United Way, Planned Parenthood, and the SPCA in some form or another! I do the Walk for Autism every April, as well.
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I donate to the Salvation Army and the Humane Society.
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I obviously do the Humane Society thing and this year got roped into doing the tax receipts for Christmas donations too along with the donations director as it is so much work getting them out by the year end.

We also usually do the local food drive and Salvation Army
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I stick some $$ in the red kettles every year and will probably make another donation of stuff to the rescue I volunteer.
In the spring when I have extra veg seedlings I donate to one of the local food pantries.
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At work, we always divide up into groups of 10 or 12 and each group picks an Angel Tree family and we go on this big day long shopping trip and get them lots of stuff, like toys, clothes and coats and stuff.
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At the end of October, we have the United Way come to my job. I give them $10/yr. I'm not big on the charity thing. My company also does a thing called HALOS where they buy stuff for needy kids and put it under a tree in our lobby.

According to one of the data validators, I'm a cold-hearted person for not giving last year (she asked $10 from everyone in the area, 3 of us didn't participate). I give a lot of money every month to needy people because the government takes it from my paycheck I'd rather donate my money to the local SPCA.
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We usually give to Toys for Tots and Salvation Army during the holidays.
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Originally Posted by AddieBee View Post

I also give money to the local food banks. My "thing" is it's more important that a family have food than gifts at the holidays, if I have to choose what to do with my donation money. I can't abide by the thought of someone going hungry.

I usually also do Toys For Tots. I can't stand the thought of some poor kid not having at least one gift to open on Christmas.
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I make sure to drive around with change in my pocket so I can donate to the homeless I see on the streets. I donate $5.00 bills when they ask me for $$$, or go to the near store and get them food... I hope I had more $$$ to donate, but I do what I can... I am also considering starting to volunteering on the SPCA, or a shelter in Dallas - or fostering for the lady from whom I got Lucky - she rescues Mane Coons and Ragdools, and she is wonderfull... My only fear is adopting all the fosters... I can't even navigate the sheters' websites without completely melting!
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I always donate to the Salvation Army and Toys for Tots at Christmas time. Throughout the year, I donate regularly to St. Jude's Children's Hospital and a local cat shelter.
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