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Kitten Urine Color- Brown? Bloody?

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Hey guys,

So I have a new set of approximately three month old fosters. As usual, they were given to me with the idea that they were sick. Thought they had coccydia, and have been treating them for that. Poop was runny, but has been getting firmer, so I thought they were improving.

Today, while changing the litter boxes, the little girl decided to pee in the litter-less litter box, and for the first time I was able to see the color of it- very dark, like brown or red. Naturally, this worries me. I looked it up on here, and most of what I found said kidney failure. So I looked up kidney failure, and other than that she is the smallest of the three, she is showing no other signs.

She is eating well, and playing. She currently is climbing all over my desk with her brother and causing all sorts of trouble, so she is acting fine.

Since it's 11:30 at night now, I don't want to call the foster lady, thought I'd start here. Is this something to be concerned about? I have no idea if the other 2 have dark urine like this, they've only peed in the litter.

Sorry if I'm asking a stupid question! I even took pictures, but because it's late and dark, they don't look very good...

Thanks in advance for any input you guys can give me!
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It can be liver,kidney or bladder problems with that color urine.
You will need to call the lady in the a.m. and see if she can be seen by the vet.
I know alot about bladder and kidney problems but not much about liver.
Coco does get slight reddish brown urine but she has bladder infections and Crf.
It seems to happen when she has a infection though.
Alot of cats with kidney problems do have stunted growth also.
Is there any vet she can go to tonight if needed?
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I know this probably doesn't have anything directly to do with cats, but in people who have bacterial or viral infections, whether bladder or otherwise, they can have much darker colored urine. For instance, my husband was hospitalized with mono (LOL, I didn't get it either...) and his urine was very dark brown during the hospitalization and a while afterwards. They said it was a side effect of the infection and the dehydration.

So basically, if that has any relation to cats, I wouldn't be surprised if she had an infection of some kind - maybe bladder or urinary tract? Just an idea. Good luck with calling your foster contact. I hope you can get her in to see the vet in the AM. Realistically, you should probably take all the kittens, although I don't know if you or your foster program can afford it.
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Thank you both for your help!!

The foster lady is making a vet appointment for the lttle girl on Friday. We could use ant spare vibes you may have!
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I hope she will be ok.
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