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Kitties in dire need of a home!

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Folks...its come to a head here...Arlyn can't afford to keep the 4 foster kitty's any more so i've taken them here to San Diego for a few days to see if I can find them a home. I won't be able to keep them for long...probably no longer than til monday after Thanksgiving. I can't afford to keep 6 cats in my apartment. Onyx and Rikki are a handful as it is...hehe. I took some photos of them and got them online for you all. They are thumbnails so click on them to get a larger image.



Tina and Charlie

Mittens...AKA Mitti-monster


BB again...looking like she could be her mother's twin!

Tina in festive Antlers

Charlie wondering whats on his head

BB in Antlers...thinking..."Dang, I look mahvelous!"

Mittens in Antlers

Please folks...we would rather not have to send them to county...i'm not 100% sure of thier no-kill policy there...So if you know anyone in the San Diego area or Southern California area for that matter that would like to take one or more of these little furbeasties home with you...let me know soon!
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Oh no... I sympathize with you. I hope you'll be able to find homes for these beautiful babies soon! Btw, love the last pic of BB
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You might try posting in SOS too...
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Oh my word, they're so pretty, and so many of them. I've thought about getting a friend for Angel, but she acts kind of cranky around other cats, so I'm just not sure.
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Originally Posted by AddieBee View Post
You might try posting in SOS too...
i just checked out that thread....i can't read that... too depressing. I know they need a home but i feel crappy about having to give them up...rather its not knowing if they're going to get caring owner to take care of them or not.
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BB and mittens are sooo cute! Hope they find nice homes
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Thread Starter far i've had no luck...then again its the holiday weekend. I've managed to get ahold of at least two places...but they're either full or don't have the capacity to take anything over 8 weeks old... PFFT! :P Probably won't be able to get ahold of anyone until i get off work on monday or tuesday. I could seriously use some good vibes on this one. I got a lot of "if i lived closer"'s or are you willing to pay for the plane ticket for them... BLEAH! ...nevermind me...i'm just cranky about other things.
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Its hard isnt it? Trying to do right thing but our population numbers are so out of control now there isnt much options. I went down same road this year, free kills full and humane societies putting down an average of 200 cats a month.
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May have had a stroke of luck...but won't know until tomorrow or roomies that live downstairs might be taking two of the 4...perhaps Mittens and Charlie...not sure yet. *writing this as i'm yanking Tina off my curtain rod*
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Many many many good luck vibes to you! I know how desperate you must be feeling now. On one hand you can't keep them, on the other hand you have to make sure they go to good homes/shelters. I hope everything works out in the end, do keep us updated!
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thank you thank you thank you! all the vibes went to good use! I've found an owner for Mittens and Charlie and my roomates that live in the house down below me is taking Tina and BB I can rest easy now
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