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This is my darling Emily. She can get a little nuts but I've never met a more cuddly cat.

I hope these pictures are the right size. 640pixils.

Emily loves to play and to cuddle with me, my boyfriend and her toys.
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She's so cute!

Her eyes are the same color as my Harley's.
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What a beauty! Black cats are so sleek looking
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Aww, such a sweetheart! I have a soft spot for black kitties.
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She is a cutie. I love black kitties
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Isn't she a little beauty! What dreamy eyes she has
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She is beautiful! I love how shiny her coat is!
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What a beautiful girl
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She has a really cute face with a touch of mischief
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Tell me about it! LOL Mischief is her middle name.
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Well, I've been away for a sort of between holidays visit to my family on the east coast and my boyfriend has a little monster on his hands. He took her to the vet who vaccinated first, asked permission later and cost him way more than he was prepared for and hit her with a broad spectrum de-wormer. :-S Argh.
So, now we have to call a different vet and hope they're not just our for cash too. *sigh* Our baby needs all the care she needs when she needs it, but I have no respect for sneaky tactics by vets. They wouldn't do the stool sample unless we paid another $68 after the $150 he had already charged. *sigh again*
I can't believe the mess all because a foster mom didn't want to give up the cat we picked (and pulled a switcher-oo on us).
Thanks to selfish mommy we got a cat who wasn't vaccinated, dewormed or terribly happy, poor girl. She's been psychotic since I left and I still have a week here. Plus, if she keeps eating 24/7 my boyfriend is going to go broke! Poor boyfriend! LOL I hope HE's not stark, raving mad by the time I get back.
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