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Bad human behavior towards a cat - shameful.

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Hi guys! I thought I would share this story with you. Warning, it's a shocking example of how well, soulless some are.

I once wanted to be a vet tech, so I decided to sign up to volunteer in my local shelter's medical services department. They trained me well and after 3 months of doing the job almost daily for 3 hours a day a cat came in as a return to the shelter so the vet techs and the vet had to check her out.

She was a wonderful cat, a very friendly girl who was about 12 years old. I know this since she was adopted from the shelter only a year earlier and her owners returned her. This is where it gets sad.

On the return paper it almost always listed 'bad match' 'moving' etc.. things like that. On this one it said 'failed to match decor'. We were confused so they asked my the helpful little vet tech assistant to ask the office up front what this meant. Remember all of these reasons are written by the staff who does the intake, not the person dropping them off.

She told me a woman and man came in and gave up the cat due to the fact they just changed their houses decor and the cat did not match it.

I was stunned and asked for more info and she said they looked well off as they drove off in a late model BMW and that she was decked out in jewelery. They had this cat for ONE YEAR and took very good care of it since the cat was very healthy and went right out to the floor for adoption the next day or so.

When i got back and told them they were amazed and one said ' now i heard it all'. I looked over the return slip more and noticed a very important clue - they lived in Maple Bluff, one of if not the most wealthy places in our city. It's actually not part of Madison but it's in the middle of it.

I won't shame all rich people, but COME ON. Getting rid of your cat you had for a year because it's coat did not match your expensive new house interior?
Perhaps their expensive interior designer failed to take the cat into account? Do these people have no soul?

In case you are curious I chose not to become a vet tech for two reasons, with the first being the primary reason. 1: I started to be desensitized to the animals, making me feel as if they are not really special and would react the same way to anyone, they can care less who the human is. Months of hearing vet techs not treat cats as if they mattered anymore along with rows of nutered males layed out for me to trim their nails can do that to a person I guess. Don't mistake, the techs treated them professionally but they were as if they lost part of their soul.

2: The nastier parts of the job. Example: Watching then helping remove dozens of ticks, some embedded, from a 80lb dog. Watching them remove dozens of porcupine thorns from a dogs face. *shudder*
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"Failed to match decor"?! ::

Some people really are truly out of their minds. Those are the ones that shouldn't even be allowed to have pets in the first place.
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I thought you were supposed to build your home decor around your critters?

I wish there was a stupidity test given to potential adopters. These people didn't deserve to "own" a pet. I put that word in quotes because the problem with people like this is that they think the "own" an animal. It's a sad state of our society.
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I volunteer for my local shelter and when I read intake papers, I get either angry or sad. It's frustrating reading some of the reasons people give up their pets. It is also sad when someone just can't take care of them anymore and they are truly heartbroken to give up their companion. I just feel that they are at least in the shelter getting food, warmth, and attention, and not on the streets where they have to fend for themselves. At least in the shelter there is always a chance for a new home and hopefully a better home.
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Originally Posted by LadyLoneWolf View Post
"Failed to match decor"?! ::

Some people really are truly out of their minds. Those are the ones that shouldn't even be allowed to have pets in the first place.
Unfortunately, to these people, pets are simply accessories. A true pet owner sees the pet as part of the family, not a pretty centerpiece. They're also the types to have "designer dogs" just because the breed it trendy or they want something to dress up and take with them.
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I cannot believe that people would stoop to that level. They are the type of people who cannot even be trusted to take care of a pet rock.
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Lets admit it, there are those who perceive pets as objects in all social classes. And those with less money are usually the ones to abuse them, starve them, tie them up somewhere and forget about them because suddenly their not as cute........
At least they brought her in healthy, and were honest, as horribly ridiculous their reasons were........ some people!
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I just adopted a cat at my local shelter on Saturday and they put the reason the cat was given up on it's cage. One sweet cat's tag said "child got into litterbox".... hello..move the litter box or get a baby gate or something...geez
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I've seen animals surrendered as they got a new one & it was cuter. Seriously.
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I find myself thinking you should look into becoming a vet tech for the very reasons you gave for not. We need folks who care, really care, and it seems to me recognizing that you may become desensitized is the first step toward not becoming that way. Reconsider!
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My roommate got Lulu (the dog) because she matched the couch....

'course... she doesn't even shed, so that made so much sense.
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