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Sniffle, Sniffle ..............

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My little baby and my big baby are at the doctors today.

Licorice is getting her hysterectomy.I know she'll be ok, but I'm worried. I haven't called, YET. Usaully I'll call like every hour to see how they are but this time I'm BEING STRONG. On the way out I had to almost run(hard to do w/hurt ankle) because I was already crying abd didn't want to scare the kids dropping off their kitty.

And Lilly (the Lincoln) is getting oil change and she has a chug so their going to finger it out.So here I am, all nerved up, munching out on candy.mini-eggs yummmmmmmmm.

But Lic will be ok, right?????
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Of course - they both will be just fine. .and worrying is very normal - you are their mom!!!
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ohh they will be just fine....(((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))))
Fluffy was just fixed so I know exactly what you are going through right now.....Keep us posted on how she is doing...when I dropped off Fluffy a the vet, I asked them to call me after surgery, but I was too impatient and I called anyway...I am sure the vet is use it....
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Licorice (great name!) will be just fine. Spaying is something that is done thousands of times a day all over the world. Of course, it is perfectly natural to worry about your babies. Keep us up to date!
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I'm right there with ya!! Either ashton or lilly will be going into to get fixed. I'm still trying to catch lilly. I have a trap set but the little bugger isn't going in. Maybe I'll catch sherbert and take him in Who ever is caught is going in! If I dont catch anyone I can always take ashton
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Oh, I keep calling But noone answers. I think they stole her and ran away.........I'm sure they're just very busy, but it's unsettling!!!
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Any news yet? I'm sure Licorice will be fine (easy for me to say how many miles away!). (((HUGS))))
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Most kitties come through, just fine. Rowdy was spayed on a Tuesday morning and, when I got home from work at 5:00, she was trashing the laundry room and terrorizing Opie.
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I cry too when the cats have to go in for a procedure. Its hard knowing that they are not in the house. but no news is good news, she will be fine!
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well i caught lilly so my baby girl is going into we can cry together!
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Just have faith and I feel certain Licorice will soon be trashing your house again too!! I'm saying a kitty prayer for her!
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I am sure that Licorice will be fine!
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Everything will be fine! (((HUGS)))
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Everything will be Ok , Don't worry yourself sick ,
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