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I don't understand my insurance company!

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I just don't understand my long term disability insurance company!

They want me off of their disability. And I want to be off of disability, yet they keep doing and saying things that try to keep me on it!!

I got a call earlier today from my claims specialist. She was doing a standard follow up because this is the last week of my back-to-work program.

The claims specialist that was in charge of the MS Research Project that I was part of, mentioned to her that I had been in a car accident. Plus I have to submit a weekly progress report of the hours I work, my duties and any symptoms etc.

Because of the car accident in October, I missed 3 half days at the research job. One because I had to go to the chiropractor for my initial treatment following the accident. A second the same week because my back was just too sore to sit for that long. And one the following week again because I needed to get to the chiropractor because Handi Transit messed up earlier in the week and missed picking me up to take me to the chiropractor, so by the Friday my back was killing me. However, I never missed a single day on the ward for my actual back-to-work program.

A couple weeks ago (1 week after the accident) I had 3 sit down orientation days which were really hard on my back largely because there were extended periods of sitting and the lecturers all went over their time which cut into our break times. So I mentioned that in my weekly report. I also mentioned that once I had been able to get to the chiropractor my back felt better and I was able to finish the rest of the week (2 shifts) on the ward without any problems.

Last week I had another full day of sit down orientation; this time for our hospital wide computer charting. Once again the long periods of sitting, and cut short breaks were hard on my back. But once again, after seeing the chiropractor my back felt fine and I was able to finish the rest of the week on the ward as scheduled.

Today the claims specialist mentioned the accident and the fact that I missed 3 half days that she felt that we should be extending my back to work program.

I told her that isn't going to happen! And that the days I missed were not part of my back-to-work program, and that the ward work which is a mixture of walking, sitting, standing etc, is far easier on my back than sitting for 8 hours in an uncomfortable chair, and that sitting for that length of time is not routinely part of my job anyway. And that I was going to be back on the payroll as of December 3rd as planned.

Here I'm trying to get off disability and they're trying to keep me on it!
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It's a catch-22, isn't it? You can't win for losing..

That reminds me of when I tried getting unemployment benefits after I couldn't work any longer, and applied for disability. In order to receive the unemployment, I had to agree to do work searches: if I was in the process of trying to gain employment, then that would imply that I could still work - thereby "proving" that I wasn't really disabled. So therefore, I had to forego receiving my unemployment benefits, b/c if I didn't, then I woludn't be able to claim disability. What a crock!

They get you coming or going..
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