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Please Send Vibes For My Maverick

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As some of you may or may not know, I took Maverick into the vet last week b/c he was leaking urine, and while he was there, I had the vet do a senior blood panel on him. Everything was good, except she found something wrong with his liver stats. She won't know what it is till she does further testing. I had to dip in to the "emergency" fund in order to take him in last week so now that source of money is depleted. But I do have some things of value that I'm trying to sell, so Maverick's tests can be done, and also so I have the money to pay for his current treatments and any other possible future meds or treatments that he may need. The vet put him on Metronidazole, Prednisolone, an antibiotic, and Denamarin, which are all supposed to be good meds in aiding his liver functions. Hopefully whatever it is that he has will be able to be treated.

Any vibes that could be spared would be greatly appreciated - not only for Maverick's health, but also for hoping that I'll be able to sell what I have in order to pay for Maverick's tests & treatments.

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Good thoughts coming Maverick's way, and yours.
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Thoughts hugs and vibes for you both.

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I hope everything works out.
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and for you and Maverick
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Aw - hugs & prayers for you & Maverick!
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Lots of headed your way!
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adding my & for Maverick!
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Many vibes for you and Maverick. I hope it turns out to be less serious than you are fearing and that you can sell your things to pay for his treatments. Best of luck!
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Lots of prayers coming your way for Maverick

i hope everything is ok
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I am sending lots of love and vibes your way.

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I hope Maverick gets better quickly without needing any additional treatments! I know how you feel as I recently depleted all my savings and our Christmas fund taking care of Manytoes. Its a good time of year to be selling things, extra vibes there in any good Maverick!!!
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Sending prayers and vibes to you and Maverick.
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Sending lots of prayers and for you and Maverick. Hope he's feeling better soon.
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Prayers for him to feel better.
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Many Prayers and for Maverick and for you.
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Sending lots of magic TCS vibes

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Prayers and good wishes for you and Maverick.
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I am sending good vibes your way.
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I hope this medicine does the trick for him- I'll say a prayer that he's feeling better soon...
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I want to thank everyone for your well wishes and vibes. And I apologize for not responding sooner than now. Things have been kinda hectic around here lately, and I haven't been logging on to TCS as much as I normally do.

So far, Maverick is doing well: he's still eating & drinking, and using the litterbox - and he's not showing any signs of being sick. I have to take him in to the vet on Thursday so the vet can draw some blood to check and see if it coagulates (sp?) properly before doing the surgery for the liver biopsy. Hopefully, all goes well..

Thanks again, peeps! I appreciate it!
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