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Tonks isn't eating right

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Monday morning Tonks threw up her dinner from the night before, and some mucus. She did not eat her breakfast that day, but she did eat a few bites of dinner, same thing with breakfast this AM, but now she is refusing dinner. She is showing no signs of lethargy or dehydration, she's just not interested in food.... should I be getting worried yet?
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YES. Not eating is VERY worrying. Check her skin colour (by her ears you can see best) for a yellowish colour.

Not eating can lead to almost immediate liver issues in some cats. If she still isn't eating tomorrow I would reccomend you have her looked at by a vet.

Lack of fluids and calories can be very dangerous to cats.
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My vet is already awareof the siuation, but i will call 1st thing in the am, TY!!
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your vet will probably have to take blood to check enzyme levels. Possibly give some fluids........

to you and your baby girl. Good luck.

Keep us updated on tonks!
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I hope she feels better.
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I couldnt get her to eat dinner, or breakfast but she did take a few wiskas temptasions, I'm calling the vet in 15min (when they open)
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This happened to my cat when he had his kidney infection (no lower urinary symptoms/trouble). I had to "assist" feed him some baby food for a couple days, which wasn't too bad. He also ate a lot of cat candies during this time, as thats what I *could* get him to eat voluntarily...Because Tonks is otherwise behaving normally, it is likely a more minor illness that your vet can easily take care of. Sending lossa vibes for tonks, and some de-stressors to you!
keep us posted!
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Zara threw up everything she ate when she had a bladder infection. She behaved normally otherwise. She was able to eat within hours of the vet giving her an antibiotic and a subq.
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That is how it started when Riley got so sick and he ended up being syringe fed for nearly a week because he wouldn't eat and had lost so much weight. I would get her to the vet asap to prevent it from becoming even worse.
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Well I brought Tonks to the vet yesterday, he doesnt know wahts wrong. She ate some a/d and a little dry iams kitten food there. Her bowels are all full of liquid She threw up a few hours after we got home. He put her on an antibiotic, but doesnt seem to be helping. She still isn't eating I've also noticed that she is drinking more than usual....

The vet called me this morning (yes, even though its a holiday) but I missed the call because my cell isnt working. I left him a message and I know I'll hear from him in the AM.

She seems fine otherwise, playing and running around... just not interested in eating... and her but is STINKEY she also has diarreah.... I'll keep you all posted
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lots and lots of
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Originally Posted by MonaxLisa View Post
lots and lots of
Thanks, we can use all the vibes we can get!! I'm really starting to freak out
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I hope she feels better and will be ok.
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Finally some good news! She ate dinner and breakfast all on her own!!! She has even kept it down! I'M SO HAPPY!!!!! I just hioe she keeps progressing this nicley
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Well she has offically eaten 4 meals, no vomiting and solid stools!!! I'm super happy!!!!
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I am glad she is better.
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