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I have a question to ask

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I was reading this morning about Lions, and they are in the cat family right? well..it says the females do the work and the males only eat....I was telling Steve that Fluffy will end up being the mouse hunter since she is the one who seems interested in the mouse hole we have in our living room..Rocky just sits and watches her as she observes....Yall may think I am silly for asking, but are the females more of the hunters with cats like Lions are?
I found this info at this link

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Its possible, I have heard that females are better mousers. However, sam, who is a big lazy boy, and who is declawed, caught three mice in the first month we got him. That ended the mouse problem, they all moved to another house.
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Good question, I have no idea though!

I am going to move this to behavior, where I'm sure some of our resident experts can help figure it out!
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Hi Kathy,

I think because lions are social, the male lions in a pride of females can do this easily without starving. But kittys (when they are on their own without Friskies buffet) don't have the same social structure (no pride like a lion) and the male furbabies would need to learn how to hunt real quick or they'd starve.

Just my guess

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Both genders can hunt, but as a rule females excel in the prey game. The reason is simple, in the wild, they have to survive and so do their kittens. Without their hunting abilities, many of these families would quickly starve. The male has nothing to do with the mom and the kittens after the litter has arrived, and an intact male will often kill the newborns to get mom into a new heat cycle brought on by grief. This is their survival game and why the females need to stay strong, for her kittens, as well as to fight off those who would hurt them.
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