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Kittens acting unfriendly

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I have had one of my kittens two weeks the other just over a week. They at first were quite cuddley. But now they seem very aloof and dont really want that much to do with us. We have not frightened them in anyway.If anything they are spoiled.
They just dont do the cat things I expect like go around your legs and rub their face on you. When you pet them they rarely arch their back and most of the time they will walk away from you when you pet them. Purring does not happen often either. Is it possible I have two kittens with the same kind of personality or is this because they are still very young and just dont really show this kind of behavior yet?
The female will hardly ever sit on you and the male will but mostly on the knee and facing outwards.Now and then they will try and suck on my neck. Any input here would be appreciated.

Ps They seem happy together and get along well.
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Do not worry yet. First off..let me say that not all cats are as pictured. They all have different personalities. One or both may end up being independant and only wanting affection some times. On the bright side..Kittens in particular do not like to be held. It is to long for them to sit still. If you can imagine they have play time rolling through their heads. They will go in spurts usually. If you pick them up for a second and then put them down when they want to get down, they will learn that being held is not a bad deal. Cats tend not to develope a TRUE personality until a year to year and a half. I had a kitten who HATED to be touched. She is almost 2 now and she follows me around the house and cries until I pick her up. Sit back and enjoy all the changes you are going to see. It is great to look back on when they are grown.
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Thanks the makes me feel a lot better. I was wondering if we did something to make them not like us or something. Sounds silly but it has been many years since I had kittens and when we had them before I was so busy with my five kids as well as working I did not really notice the little changes in their behaviour. The only one home now is my 15 year old and I am not working right now so I can concentrate on them a whole lot more and notice everything.
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