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Beauty is a Miracle

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That's the title of the poem i just wrote. Hope you all enjoy.

A ball of fire going down
In the evening sky
Streaked with purple and pink
Clouds lined with gold

Sunlight dancing like diamonds
On the river in the Autum aftertoon
The trees aflame in their glory

A sleeping winter tree
Seeming to glow from within
The setting Sun bringing it to life
Magical and Wonderous

Gods promise glowing like a becon
Against the backdrop of a cloudy sky
Raindrops falling with the Sun shining
Golden and warm

Miracles happen every single day
Beauty that lasts for but a few moments
Blessed are we
To behold such wonderful sights.
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How lovely, and so appropriate! May you have a blessed day!
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That is so beautiful - it reminds me of a winter morning when my younger daughter found a glittering piece of ice when her older sis & I were walking her to the bus stop.
She held it in her glove & exclaimed, "I'm the richest girl in the whole world - I have the best diamond in the world!" Yes, the cracks in the ice gave off a myriad of rainbow lights.
But, my daughter has brain-damage & we were sure she was just confused, and tried to explain that it was just ice. Finally, in frustration, I said, "Look, it's already starting to melt!" and she looked up at me, smiling, and said, " I know - that's why it was the best diamond in the world! Only I could have it and it was so pretty! And now, it's melted and gone to Heaven for the angels to have it. So that makes me the richest girl in the world, because I had a diamond that nobody else could have! I am so happy - Thank You, God!"......I could hardly walk because of my sudden shame & tears.
She saw the same miracle that you have so eloquently expressed in your beautiful poem - Thank You, and Thank Heaven for YOU!!! Susan
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Wow.....that is really beautuful!
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