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My Angel baby

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My camera uses some kind of special battery and I don't have a new one yet, but I did find this picture of Angel in my mom's yard during the summer. Mom has this like tall wood fence around her whole yard, so Angel gets to wander around a little when I'm there with her.

Here at home in the city, she's stuck inside, but she don't seem to mind too much as long as her food and pillow are here

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Aww, she's gorgeous. I was going to call her a Tortie, but that splash of white at her neck has me wondering if she might not lean toward Calico
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Angel is just gorgeous!!!!
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She is sooooo gorgeous! My experience Tortie's are thinkers plus she has the look in her eyes, and great best friends!
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Very pretty girl!
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Love those copper eyes, reminds me of our F1 bengal.
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Oh wow shes GORGOEUS!! Look at those back paws
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Love dem torties!!
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She looks almost like Annie, but Annie doesn't have bright orange-ish fur.

She's beautiful!
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I noticed the orange back slippers, too!
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She's beautiful! I love her eyes, and yeah, those cute orange backfeet
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Awww she is lovely
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Thank you, I just love her little orange booties as well.
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