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DoraBella was spayed Sunday, November 23, 2008

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She is 6 months and hadn't gone in 'heat' but has been climbing the walls [literally]. And while she was a handful, and I worried about her getting paint from the wall in her nails as she tried to climb it and jumped it's length, time and time again. To see her just sit there very groggy bothered me. I wanted to pull out the toys and have her go wild again, but I just let her rest, as I was instructed. I hope she isn't mad with me, I hope she knows I love her and did it for her own good. Well, it least this morning she rubbed against my hand, I wonder if we will still have our love sessions at mid morning. Time will tell. She also had a hernia removed yesterday, but it wasn't from the umbilical cord it was some weird in between the abdominal muscle hernia.


After hiding under the bed, I snuck a pic of her and her big brother on the bed with him mildly rubbing against her...towards evening, that is why the photos are on the dark side.

At 6 months she is already 7 pounds, her momma< I was told, was 26 pounds, so we shall see. I love her, I miss my little wild princess... I wonder what she'll be like now

Update: last nite [monday, 11/24] dorabella plopped on my chest, gave me wet kisses, and just laid there contented. She used to make these weird spazz noises everytime she would use the litterbox, not in pain, just weird zappy noises, and she doesn't do it at least not in the last 2 days. I even put my blinds down last nite, I will see if she is tempted to mess with them. She is quite chilled out, just like her big bro.
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Awwww both of your kitties are beautiful!
She should be her old self in no time
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Wow, she is big for 6 mos - maybe she has some Maine Coon in her...
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She's a beauty! I'm pretty sure she won't hate you for spaying her. Many cats revert to their usual selves after the operation. Your baby girl will probably not be an exception, I wouldn't worry about it
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I'm sure she'll be fine... she just need to rest some
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