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ASTHMA - Flovent for cats

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My cat was diagnosed with asthma a year ago.
She was prescribe Theodur which seemed to suck the life out of her (stopped after 4 days). Then the doctor has been giving her a steroid shot about every 3 months.

Now the Vet has prescribed FLOVENT (twice a day) and ALBUTEROL (only for attacks).

Has anybody been using FLOVENT? How is your cat reacting to it?

I will be starting it next week.

Also a note the prescription is crazy expensive but my cat is worth it!

My cat is a female 13 years old.

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Hi, my Jazz is also 13 years old and has been on Flovent for about 2 months (give or take). When she was first diagnosed the dr. gave her clavamox for 3 weeks, then came the flovent 2 times a day for about 3 to 4 weeks, then in for another xray. The vet was very happy with the way her lungs look and we are now down to 1 puff of Flovent a day 3 times a week . She has experienced NO side effects and NO ashthma attacks since September. Hope this helps.

Yes it is crazy expensive but I agree my cat is worth it!
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Thank you for your response. I hope the Flovent works for my cat.

What about pet insurance?
So far I have not found pet insurance for a cat over 10 with asthma.
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I have VPI Pet insurance, but the insurance company would consider the asthma a pre existing condition I don't think they will insure your cat. It can't hurt to try.
Good Luck
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Coco is on Flovent.
She has been on it since May.
She used to get Depo Shots and Prednisone but they gaver her bladder problems.
You can no get insurance once a cat has asthma.
Coco has not had any bad attacks since she has been on the inhaler.
I hope your cat does well on it.
Does you cat have siamese in her at all?
My Coco has had Asthma for years and is 16.8 now.
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