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Krazy Krazy Life... changes and such.

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Hey first off, I have been very busy. My boss was pregnant, and I got promoted to second assistant, wich meant more hours and responsibility. Then one week ago today my boss had a check up, and they found her baby too small for how far along she was. The baby was also not moving, but there was a faint heartbeat, so they did an emergancy C-section. The baby was 6wks early. She is a little little girl, weighing only 2lbs at birth. She is doing good though, so far as I heard last. She did have a virus that can cause retardation or brain damage, but they said the caught it soon enough that they don't think there will be a problem.

Now our store is down to 2 employees, and the holidays are coming.

Then... I get a txt message that my dad has growths on his neck, that they think are cancerous. He is having surgery on December 2nd to have them removed. If it is cancer and they get it all, that is great, but... I worry still. He is my dad and I love him a lot. I've lost my mom to cancer, 9 years ago. I am on the fence right now though, should I go home and be there for the surgery and see what happens, or should I stay here. I feel like I should be there with him, and my family, but on the same hand, I feel like I should be here for work. Jobs are easy to find, and I can esily get another one. My dad is my dad and there is only ONE him. I have decided that if it is cancer and they can't get it all I am definately going home to be with him and help. I won't stay in Louisiana while my dad is in Wyoming... (I'm not going to say it). I just need to vent basically.

I just feel a bit stressed out, and don't know what to do. Plane tickets will be way expensive this time of year. I won't leave without my cat, so I have to either find someone to come get me, or I have to fly. I will also have to get her a vet appointment so she can get on the plane... that is no problem. Just how expensive it is to fly durring the holidays. If only I had my own car, I would just drive there. Well, we have our own car, but it would leave my hubby here without transportation, and I can't do that.

Well, thank you for listening. I am sorry for seeming to be so down, I am usually a really happy person with lots of happy stuff to say, just seems like since I left wyoming everything in my life has gone to Krap.

Be safe everyone.

OH... on a good note, my little brother proposed to his girlfriend, and I get to make her wedding dress!!
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First of all, it's so wonderful to hear from you!!! Goodness, you have so much going on right now. This must be especially difficult news for you, as I know you're still grieving the loss of your Mom. I can see how you would feel pulled between your responsibilities and going home to be with your Dad, especially with transportation and kitty care being such a complicated issue right now. I know you'll make the right decision, you always do.

On the other hand, congratulations on your promotion! Also, making your SIL-to-be's wedding dress, how exciting!

Please vent on! We're here to listen! You and your Dad will be in my prayers.
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I am sorry life is so hard for you right now.
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Dawn of Sierra!!!!!!!!! it's been a while. Thank you both for your posts.

I wouldn't say my life is hard, I am just worried. Work is just a challenge. It's my dad that really has me worried. My stepmom would love to have me home to go to the surgery with them and be supportive. If I were near there, I would drop everything and be right there by their side. I feel pretty stuck at the moment though. It is a bit Ironic, when my husband was here the last time, my mom got diagnosed. Now I am here... and my dad MAY be facing the same thing.

Thank you again. Be safe.
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Well, he had surgery yesterday, and out of two different kinds of tumors he had, none were cancerous!!

I saw him without his beard last when I was like 9 years old, and he is clean shaven now, so that's about 25 years of having one, now everyone can see his chin!!!! LMAO

I can't wait to see pics.

I am so relived he is not sick. That mean I don't go home.

be safe all.
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Originally Posted by MyRage View Post
Well, he had surgery yesterday, and out of two different kinds of tumors he had, none were cancerous!!
Good to hear from you again! This is the best news!! to help you
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