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Bad, bad rabbits!

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I am so not impressed right now with my four house bunnies Boober, Mookey, Sprocket and Fluffa! They have been on a destruction streak since last night and so far the casualties have been a chewed up antique chair, a lamp cord(not plugged in) chewed clean through, a 3' section of wall eaten, they peed on my giant blue sparkly unicorn stuffy and shredded a couch cushion. They have lived in the house for years now loose and they never wreck stuff and are really good with using their litterboxes. I came home last night to find all the bad things they had done chewing stuff and on top of that they emptied out one of their litterboxes all over my office. The cushion they killed after I got home and I unforunately got to witness Boober and Mookey violate and then shred my cushion! They are all on house arrest for today in their very seldom used cage! My house is totally rabbit proofed and they usually have free rein of the place but if they are going to start wrecking everything they are gonna be in trouble and in their cage. I wonder what I did to make them so very mad at me?! I was so mad I couldn't even make sentences, I flipped between swearing and screaming noises that I was unaware that I even owned!

This is some of the stuff they wrecked!
This is my antique chair, they chewed the legs all up!

The 3' section of wall under the couch chewed!

These are the culprits!




They might have to join my outdoor bunnies in their heated hutch if they keep this up. I rent and can't have the walls and base boards getting eaten!
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Oh My....I feel your pain...I really do, but i must say I giggled through that whole post. Thoes cute little stinkers!!! Thoes little faces are ADORABLE!!!

But yeah...I could just imagine the bad words flying around when you came home to find that.

Too Cute.....Naughty Bunnies
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Thats okay that you giggled. Looking back now at the first thing I screamed I must say I laughed too! I yelled on the top of my lungs when I walked in on them chewing the wall "I am so gonna shake you, shake you to death!" Where did that come from? I would never hurt them but apparently in my darkest moments I want to shake things to death. I have yelled it one previous time at my boyfriend! I yelled it at the rabbits so loud my mom heard and came down and was like "Did you just threaten to shake someone to death?"! I had to pretend that they hadn't wrecked the wall and that I yelled something else!
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If this is something that they have never done before, wouldnt you suspect that something is wrong that needs to be seen about?

They are cute BTW
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A lady and her very distraught daughter brought a bunny into the shelter yesterday for just this kind of destruction. Maybe it's just the season?
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Looking at those faces I can't believe they would do that They are darling little bunnies
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hmm, I think they look way to innocent to be that destructive

I know what you mean though, I had a rabbit a few years ago that should have been named Houdini for as many times as she escaped out of her cage and shewed everything in sight
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OMG how could such sweet-faced bunnies make such a mess?!

I had 3 rabbits at one time; One of them liked to try to eat my couch when I wasn't looking, one was an escape artist - but a perfect angel, and one (a 14-lb chinchilla rabbit) had a penchant for chasing my beagle.
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awwww bless them, looking at them...they dont look like they would cause so much mayhem

ont tip off my friend comes in handy for times like these 'in with anger out with love' although it is pretty hard at times hehe
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Oh my Goodness! What a mess! Thank God for them they are so incredibly cute! Oh, they are adorable! Good luck!
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Originally Posted by Pami View Post
If this is something that they have never done before, wouldnt you suspect that something is wrong that needs to be seen about
There is nothing wrong with them, I have had all four of them four years and they have on occasion done this before for no reason. You know one of them gets an idea and the other three jump on board and they go to town on a piece of furniture. I fostered rabbits for most of my life on top of the ones that are my own rabbits.

I let them out today again and everyone was good except for Sprocket. She went nuts trying to get to the part of the wall they chewed. I covered it so they can't chew it anymore but Sprock was desperately trying to get at it. She tends to be a bit obsessive about stuff, her mind gets locked onto something and she just won't let it go. I sat there on the couch across from the chewed wall with a squirt gun in my hand, and I shot her with water every time she went towards the wall. That seems to be the only thing that works with her, she stops briefly if you yell her name but she just glances at you and then starts doing what she was doing way faster before you come and get her!

Boober was bad today as well but in a whole different and actually quite amusing way. He climbed up on the couch, then onto the ledge and managed to travel by furniture all the way onto a kitchen counter. He is so bad for climbing stuff. He stole a bag of mandarin oranges, and a bag of cheesie puffs. He threw them onto the ground and the rabbits ate the oranges first(3 of them), and then with the help of Jack and Mardy they ate the whole bag of cheesies. I knew who helped because they had orange muzzles and paws from the cheesieness. I was my camera wasn't out of batteries so I could have taken a pic of Jack and Mardy laying on the couch with orange noses and paws, and the rabbits were all content stretched out across the floor in a row covered in chessie crumbs!
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Ohhh my heavens! That much snacking can't be good for the cats OR the rabbits Better make sure they don't get too sick.

Maybe they were just in a very chewy mood, would providing them with something they are allowed to chew on help? Maybe some new woodchews or mineral blocks or whatever you call it.. I'm stabbing in the dark here, have never had bunnies before!

Yours are extremely sweet-looking though, I love their names as well. And Sprocket has to be the most comical looking rabbit I've ever seen with all that hair just sprouting out from her head Very very adorable
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Aww those faces are so cute - especially Sprocket! I would forgive him anything.

Originally Posted by LadyLoneWolf View Post
I had 3 rabbits at one time; One of them liked to try to eat my couch when I wasn't looking, one was an escape artist - but a perfect angel, and one (a 14-lb chinchilla rabbit) had a penchant for chasing my beagle.
Would like to see that!
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Originally Posted by pushylady View Post
Would like to see that!
Oh, somewhere I have pictures of her chasing my dog, I just have to find them.
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oh my... I would be ripping mad!! lol... I sure hope they don't still have free reign of your house?
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Oh my goodness!!! I'm sorry but I giggled too! I didn't even know people let their rabbits run loose!!! We had a couple indoor rabbits, the first we had for a year, the second, for a couple weeks, then both went to the outside hutch. I don't know what it was about them, but they got really aggressive!!! We only let them roam free when we were home and keeping an eye on them. I find it amazing that you have four bunnies just running around the house all the time, and that it has taken them this long to destroy something!!! I want to come over!!!!
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