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A better name for my Lucky -

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Funny thing: Lucky has been with me for a month. I recently went o a four day trip, and my sweet neighbor took care of her for me. After many hours playing with my kitty, she insists I change her name - she says she has the personality of a princess, and is sweet and loving like a child.... She is also very playful and curious, but sweet and princess is what she really is! So in essence, my neighbor said "Lucky" is just weak for such a princess!

So, here are some names to vote; feel free to add ideas!

Please let me know your thoughts!
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I wouldn't change it...for some reason I don't like it when kitties names are changed. It is their can just change a persons name! (I know they are not people, but wouldn't change your kids names would ya?)

Just my opinion though, of course do whatever you like, I know alot of members change their cats names.
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I love the name Daisy, but if that is too traditional for you Damita is really pretty and the meaning is Puuurrrrr-fect.
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I like the name Nadia
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Well considering I have a cat named Lucky I think you should change it lol....

I like Zabbey But Lucky works too
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Of all those names I like Lucky the best. How about just Princess?
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I have a Lucky too...she got her name when we heard something in the hedges while waiting at a bus stop on a FridayI called but she wouldn't come...went back Monday and heard the same noise...Guess it was her safe place but when she heard us she would make some funny meows....I called for her again and outta the hedges ran this tiny skinny calico kitten....Hence the name....Lucky Ducky the kids call her...So I like Lucky
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I also have a girl named Lucky. Lucky I found her , she was only a few hours old when I found her on my lawn. I like the name Lucky, Mine also beleives she is a princess
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well, considering i've either changed [in Chip's & Java's cases] or named all of mine, i vote for changing - since you're looking for an appropriate name for her purrsonality. i like Damita!
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I've never thought that Ramsay quite fit him, but it is his name, and we couldn't image renaming him. I would think after having a kitty with a particular name for just a day or two it would get kind of hard, let alone months. I just looked it up and apparently Ramsay mean's "garlic island". He's a very gentle, princely, and angelic kitty. I've always said he looks like a little snow prince, but never knew a name with that definition.
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Originally Posted by whiteforest View Post
I would think after having a kitty with a particular name for just a day or two it would get kind of hard, let alone months.
well, i would've changed Cable's name after discovering she was female, instead of male, like i'd thought - except she was already on record at the vet's w/that name.
i have [unofficially] changed Firefox's name. that's her official name [vet, etc.] but her 'call name' is 'Puter Bug... i'm not really sure how that happened but she thinks that's her name, & it's the name on her tag, as well.
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I think she looks like a "Bella"
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Our guys have lots of nicknames they come to, too. Gus listens to Gus, Bus, Gussy, Bussy, Boogers, and Tiny Tim. Ramsay never really comes to anything, but I call him a slew of things when I talk to him. Precious Baby, Baby Boo Boo, Snow Monster, Fluffy Belly Man... He's rarely called Ramsay. If anything it's Rams Rammy or RamRam.
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Nadia fits well
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