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Thursday DT

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I know it's kinda early. Here it's 3:41 am. Just wondering what y'all are up to and what you have planned for today...

Yesterday Darrell had his first shift at the new job and they said he will have to do more shifts before they decide whether to hire him. Is this normal?? They said they want him to be more familiar with their systems before they hire him on full-time. I guess they don't want to pay two people...they probably want to wait until Darrell knows the system before they hire him...Wait a minute, this seems odd. I hope they're paying him NOW for the time he's putting in...BRB I'm calling Darrell now...

ok, he says they are paying him because they asked him to write down his hours while he was there, and it's union. phew! I wouldn't put it past any business to try and take advantage of new people.

Anyway, today is my first day back at work. The week goes by fast but Monday is Monday no matter what day of the week you start on. On top of that, Darrell and I have been sick lately and it's taking it's toll. We have argued constantly but I think it's mostly the stress he's been under. We talk it through and it's ok, but it starts all over again a few days later.

ok, sorry this is so long. I hope you all have a good day!
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Well - I have just paid to have an ultrasound scan to determine the sex of my baby privately (the NHS hospital in my town refused to tell me).

And . . . . it will be a BOY!!!!!!!!!

He currently weighs 1lb and 4oz (24weeks 5ddays gestation).

My mother is walking on the ceiling with delight - I've just spoken to her and she's WELL happy!

Now begins the difficult task of deciding on a name. I may have to solicit opinions from all my friends here - I think I might post a list later as see if you guys can give me some feedback.
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Oh, a bouncing baby boy!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!
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Oh ya it's the dt. duhhhhhhhhh

I'm nervous to death chewing my fingers inbewteen crammin choloate in my mouth, and wiping tears away.see sniffle,sniffle......

Did any one hear that horrific story about the beacon hill kat killer, I won't tell but I'll say I had to pull over on highway I was crying so hard. Hearing that just after dropping Lic off to get spayed was too tuff.

I hope everyone has a grand day!!!
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Yola, that bites that the first hospital wouldn't tell you! I, kind of, miss the days when you didn't know until the baby was born, though. It was fun to be surprised.

Too bad, that you're not having twin boys - we could have fixed them up with Feliza and Isabel.

Not much here, today. Pension check is in and the alimony is due - guess I'd better pay some bills.

Have a good one.
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Cindy, I just had to know. Being 38 (and hubbs 51) I strongly suspect that this will be the one and only child we have (add to that my conception history . . . )

I so want to be prepared in everyway for this little ones arrival, and knowing if it is a he or she is a big part of that.

I could of course have elected not to know.

I am SO full of admiration for Sam. The thought of coping with feeding, changing, transporting and generally rearing one child strikes fear into me - the idea of having two AT THE SAME TIME just plain scares the pants off me (LOL)!!!
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Yola - that is great! I alittle boy will be so sweet!

I am busy again today. All afternoon will be testing of potential team members for my division and I have already spent a portion of my morning grading papers.

I am so tired today! I am having another bout of insomnia - 3 nights in a row I haven't slept. Oh well - maybe tonight I will take a sleeping pill. I just want to go home and sleep - it doesn't help that it is grey and rainy today!

It is my dad's retirement party tomorrow night. I am taking him and my mom (her for mother's day) to see Chris DeBurgh. I love his Spanish Train song.

Hope everyone has a good day!
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If I thought that I had to have two at once, I'd be making reservations, for a nicely padded room somewhere.

Knowing ahead of time makes it easier, buying clothes and picking names, though.

Since you're having a boy, do you know the diaper-changing trick, to keep from being hosed? Through three younger brothers and two sons of my own, I NEVER got peed on. The trick is: slip the fresh diaper under the baby, while keeping the old diaper over the operative organ. Then, do a quick switch, over the top of the baby.
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HaHa. Yup, how to dodge the wayward piddle!!

I do remember my mum getting sprayed in the face by my brother when changing his nappy - so thanks for this tip Cindy, I'll know how to be fully prepared - and to keep my mouth shut while changing nappies just in case!!!!!!
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I'll have to remember that one!
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The day, that we brought him home, Richard nailed my ex-MIL, right in the eye! I laughed so hard, that I almost ripped my stitches! Couldn't have happened to a more deserving person.
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Another boring day at work, again. Thankfully I get to go home in less than 30 mins. Congrats Yola on your baby boy. After work its off to eat sushi and chinese food with hubby. Yay!
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Well, I'm not having too good a day. I've been trying to get into Western Culinary Institute, but it's rather expensive. My parents can't help me right now, my mom just lost her job (don't get me started) so Mike & I had to do all the loan stuff ourselves. Well, we called for the pre-approval today and got turned down, so it looks like I won't be going to school anytime soon. I'm so devastated, I really wanted to become a chef. I'm going to try again next year, I guess.
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Yola...I can't believe you are having a boy! I get these weird "feelings" in my gut and when I read that you were preggers...I just knew you were having a boy. Strange, I know...but my gut instinct's are almost always right.

Congrats once again! I've got loads of babies names that I just adore..but most of them are girls! It be my luck I'd have a string of boys and not one single little girl!
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So far I've been having a fairly decent day. I think that my crew is finally realizing that I need my time off. I've over heard them talking and they think I'm on the verge of a nervous breakdown from all the stress! HA! Imagine that, not that they are willing to do anything to change like helping me out but I still think it's funny! so they haven't called me today or anything so far. I haven't had such a quiet day in a LONG time! LOL! I need to cry at work more often!(I cried the day after I came back after a seizure, I was completely lost and felt so stupid) I'm sorry you're not having a good day Myste. I know when you go to culinary school, I'm coming to your house for the first meal you cook after you graduate!
Yola congrats on your baby, whatever you name him all of us here at the cat site promise to spoil him as rotten as our cats! LOL!
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Yola, congratualtions on the baby boy. I don't understand why the first hospital wouldn't tell you what the sex of the baby is. It doesn't make sense to me.
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I think sometimes they can be wrong about ultrasounds, my niece had a baby 4 years ago, they told her it was a girl and when she had the baby, it was a boy! Everyone was so surprised! She had bought all girl stuff too. I guess it just depends on the hospital or doctor if they will tell you or not.
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Congrats on the bundle of fluff I was gonna say But it's a baby boy YAY Congrats :
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