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How do I move on after putting my fur baby to sleep? - Page 2

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Melissa, I am so happy to read that you are getting Noel.
I know Katie will always be such a big part of your heart and know that you love her so much, but Im sure Noel will help you in finding love for a kitty again. She is so precious
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I'm so glad you decided to adopt another kitty, and that you found one so soon! She's just adorable, and you chose the perfect name. Congrats!
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Oh Noel is very beautiful! I'm soooooooo happy for you!!!
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Noel is so adorable! Congratulations on your newest love...
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Noel is such a beautiful kitty! I have always had a special place in my heart for black and white kitties! I had Cheeky for 13 years before she had a stroke and crossed the bridge. My grief was almost unbearable at times and Rick and I decided no more pets. It was just too painful. But within a month I was missing that special feeling of a furry friend greeting you afterwork or just wanting to spend time with you. Cheeky left us in July and by October I knew it was time. Rick and I dicussed it and I started to look. I started with the SPCA but they wanted $250.00 for a kitten. (part of it was refundable after I proved I had the pet spayed or neutered) In any case, i decided to look around a little more. A lady at work said she had kittens so i thought I would take a look. That was when I found Shadow. I actually consider her our very first "rescued" kitty. What the lady at work did not tell me at first was that her mother cat had a litter of her own. Then her father found a litter in their barn that thad lost their mother to a Fischer attack, so he brought the kittens to the house, hoping the other could take care of them. She did, although this gave her 9 kittens to look after. Shadow was from the barn cat lot. Then another litter of abandoned kittens was also brought to the mother cat, so now she had 11 to take care of. All of the kittens were born around the same time, but were of very different sizes. At 12 weeks, shadow would sit in the palm of our hands, and she was one of the bigger kittens! She sneezed alot and was digging at her ears constantly. I was leary of bringing a sick kitten home, but it felt "right" so I did. I got the first available appointment at the Vet and she got immediate treatment for ear mites and an upper respitory infection and got bigger and stronger quickly. she is still undersized, but she is healthy and definitely daddy's girl! (Rick only says she's mine when she has gotten into mischief)

I still miss Cheeky and think of her often. That will never change but in time we were ready to love another kitty. It is now your time to get to know and enjoy Noel! Have fun "kitten proofing" your house, shopping for toys and all the other goodies for the new baby!

Lori, Rick, Shadow and Squirt
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Noel is adorable! Congratulations on your new baby!
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