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Belle and Delilah

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Just a few of my babies!

Kitty casserole!


Our attempt at Halloween costumes. Belle tolerated it, but was less than impressed. Delilah liked playing with the costumes...but putting one on her resulting in her hiding under the couch for an hour...until I promised never to do it again!

Delilah being cute.

Squirrel watching:

High five!

Best friends

And a couple glamour shots from back in the summer:

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Kitty casserole?!! My favorite!!!!!!
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soooooooo cute!!!!!!! Love the picture on the window!
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haha! I'd be hiding too if someone put me in a casserole dish!
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Awww your girls are beautiful!
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Beautiful kitties!
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They are so pretty. I just love the orange ones
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That casserole dish one is hilarious! It's the way she's just lying there What a pair of gorgeous babies you have
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Kitty casserole!

They're both so cute!
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Two beautys
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