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How much do they eat? How much do they weigh? What are they eating?

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So I'm curious. Not so much what your cats are eating brand-wise although I think we should share but how much your cats weigh and how much they eat daily? Maybe their age as well.

Jack and Harley both weigh about 9.5 -10 lbs.

Jack is 17 months old
Harley is 21 months old

They are currently eating Nutro MAX cat wet and dry

about 1/3 cup dry and 1.5 oz wet

Vet is happy with their weights and wants them to maintain where they are

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My 7 month old eats Science Diet. He weighed 7.8 a couple weeks ago when he was last at the vet, but I think he has gained a little since then. He looks like he filled out. He also gets about two teaspoons of Friskies canned food once a day, usually for lunch. We keep the dry food out all the time so he eats as much as he wants, I'm not sure how much that is. Maybe 1/2 cup or so.
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currently a mix of taste of the wild / acana chicken / nature s logic dry ... wet weruva , nutro , wellness, felidea , fancy feast , meow mix , freeze dried raw is also given

4 cats about 3 cups per day 3 boys eat 3/4 to 1 cup and girl eats about 1/2 to 3/4 cup and the boys eat about 3 oz of wet each Zoey eats about 1 oz wet and 1oz freeze dried

all are at ideal according to vets

Sylvie age 11 months is 12 lbs

Pj age 18 months 13.5lbs

Punky age 18 months is 14lbs

Zoey age 4.5 yrs is 8.5 lbs
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My 3 are Ocicats, who are raw fed.

The boys are both 13.6lbs aged 20 & 23 months
My girl is 9lbs aged 17 months
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I can't tell exactly how much each cat eats since I free feed, but I think Shareena probably eats the least and the kittens eat the most.

Friskies prime filets beef, share one 5.5 oz can six ways once or twice a day, depending on my schedule. If the others leave anything in their dishes, Goldy goes around and cleans up the leftovers.

Taste of the Wild, 3-4 cups/day. The higher amount is usually when they've gotten only one can of wet food.

Shareena, 19.5 months, 5.8#--my dainty little princess
Miss Patchwillow, 19.5 months, 7.1#--looks bigger because her fur is thick
Goldy, 11-12 months? (stray), 6.7#--may not be full grown
Iris, 13 weeks, 3.5#
Lion, 13 weeks, 4.1#
Cali, 13 weeks, 3.5#

I suspect that Lion and Cali are both going to be BIG kitties, if the size of their paws are anything to go by. Iris may also get bigger than her mother, but probably not as big as her siblings.
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Ummm....Twitch & Lily eat as much wet as I can stuff in them, plus about 1/2 cup dry each/day. Dorian, Molly, Ophelia, & Eden are free fed dry as sometimes they forget to eat. Eden weighs barely 7 lbs - the rest are 9lbs. Eden gets all the wet food she will eat (she wasn't eating for awhile), the other 3 get wet food at least 1x a day. The outside kitties range from 5 lb - 20 lbs, they eat about 10-15 cups dry a day & wet food 1x a day.
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Lucky is a Seal Lynx Point Ragdoll, almost 9 months old, weights 9lbs.
Nutro Natural Choice Complete Care Indoor Kitten 3/4 cups daily (*mostly at night; Purina Whisker Lickin's Tender moments as treats.
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Our two cats are both in a transition stage, so this may not help much.

Our 2.5yo female is a small kitty, weighs 8.5 lbs, not very active. The vet said she could lose some weight because she has a bad leg joint, so she is on a diet. She gets 1/4 c of wet food twice daily. I'll probably increase this to 1/3 c when she gets to 7.5 or 8.0lbs.

Our 7 mo female weighs 5.5 lbs and pretty active. Her weight is just about right. She gets 1/3c of wet food twice daily, some days heaped up a little depending on how she looks.

Sometimes I substitute a piece of (cooked) turkey or chicken neck hoping it will help keep their teeth clean.
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This will be interesting. Great thread!

Rocko is 9. Last weight was 13 pds.
Fiona is around 5. Last weight was 9 pds.
ReeRee is 1 yr 10 months. Last weight was 13 pds.

They share a packet of moist food 2x daily. The meow mix packets. Not sure what that is in ounces?? They rarely finish what is given.

They also get 1/2 cup. dry food each daily.
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Harley is 4, and she weighs 8lbs. She's a pretty small kitty.

She gets a 3 oz can of wet food in the morning, and she eats around 1/2 cup of dry throughout the day (a nibble here, a nibble there...).

She also gets a few Greenies at night (maybe 3 -4).
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Jaffa weighs 4.8kg (10.6 lbs). He's an 11 year old indoor cat. He has a lean physique and doesn't have an ounce of flab on him. Some might say he's a tad underweight but my vet thinks he's just right and I agree. He eats 3 pouches or small cans of good quality (high meat content) wet food per day. Most of the pouches are 100g but some can be a bit less, eg 85g. I just feed him one serving at a time, regardless of the weight. In addition to that, he has a few treats each day (usually natures menu - he will have 6 of those each day) and a raw chicken wing about twice a week. He also licks my plates when I'm done eating He maintains his weight on that.

I don't know how much Mosi weighs but I would guess about 4.5kg. He eats half a 100g pouch of wet food 3 times a day, with a bit of dry food sprinkled on top (probably totalling 20-30g per day). He's a 3 year old indoor cat. Like Jaffa, he is carrying no spare weight but is spot on weight wise imo. He has long hair so hard to tell, but I feel around his middle regularly and I can feel the ribs but they aren't prominent. His wet food is pretty much the same as Jaffa, and his dry food is usually Orijen, but if I don't have that in he will have hi life dry or james wellbeloved dry, although he is on royal canin beauty at the moment.
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My cats are both overweight. Matilda is about 2 years old and Chloe is 1.

Matilda weighs almost 11 lbs. Vet says she needs to be at about 9 1/2. She is very very inactive. She eats 1/4 cup of Natural Balance in the morning (139 calories) and then 3oz of various wet foods at night (ranging from 60-100 calories). Vet said to reduce this by 10%.

Chloe weighs almost 7 lbs. She is only a teeny tiny bit overweight (1/4 lb. maybe) according to my vet, as she has such a tiny frame. Chloe is quite active and was eating the same amount as Matilda (1/4 cup Natural Balance + 3oz wet food).

I think they gained a little weight when I was gone for almost 2 weeks and my SO just left dry food out for them. Plus, they weren't very active over the summer. They get more exercise now.

I'm switching them to Wellness Indoor, which has a little bit fewer calories in 1/4 of a cup than the Natural Balance. I'll continue feeding them the same amount of wet food.

I love this website, it gives you calorie info for various foods (not that that's the only thing you should look at when considering a food, but it helps in getting the amount right):
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Niko is 1 year and 8 months old and weighs a hefty 13 lbs. Thankfully, my vet says that's a good weight for him since he's got such a large frame. He gets around 2 ½ oz of raw for breakfast, and half of a 5.5 oz can of wet for supper (a buncha different brands: Nutro, Merrick, Chicken Soup, Wellness, Authority, Eagle Pack, Cal. Natural, Avoderm, and Fromm.)

He's moderately active, and I try to give him a few good play sessions throughout the day.. in which he runs himself totally ragged (he's the first cat I've ever seen pant, hehe). Otherwise, he's a lump.
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My cats eat from each others' bowls so I don't know how much each one eats. I'd guess about 1/2 to 3/4 cup dry Orijen a day. They also get 1/3 a can of food each.
Sneakers is 15+ and weighs 10 lbs.
Church is 14 months old and weighs 10.6 lbs
Roxy is 13 months old and weighs 10.5 lbs

My foster kittens have big appetites. They eat from one bowl so I don't know what each one eats but the bowl holds 2 cups and I fill it at least twice each day (sometimes more) so they eat at least 0.6 cups each. Rosalie and Spot are a little chubby (but also just bigger than the others). They're all about 4.5-5 months old. They also eat Orijen.

Mr. Grey- 6 lbs
Lily- 5.2 lbs
Tiger- 5.4 lbs
Rosalie- 7.6 lbs
Spot- 8 lbs
Blaze- 6.5 lbs
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Charlie is about 4.9kg (10.8 pounds)

He has 1/5cp premium dry early morning, (we change the brands around for variety) then the same again at midday.

Then 1/4 can (100g) of wet Snappy Tom or Whiskas for dinner.

Occasionally he might get some treat like a bit of chicken breast or tuna, but he seems to be getting the perfect amount of food now.
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4.5kg (10.5 pounds) he is such an active cat and eats loads but burns it all off! He is 2.5 years old and he has a small handful of James Wellbeloved duck and rice dry in the morning with a pouch/tin of either Natures Menu, Hi-life, Tescos luxury, Tescos finest, applaws and other varieties. He gets bored easily so I have a big selection. He has another pouch/tin when i get home from work and usually still as some biscuits left, he then has another pouch/tin in the evening. He also gets a cat treat stick when we are all off to bed!
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Willow eats grain free canned food, about 5-6 ounces a day. She's about five and a half years old and weighs 10.5 pounds. The vet says she needs to lose about a pound and recommended about 150 kcals for her a day.

Gizmo eats about 5 ounces of wet food (the same brand Willow eats) and snacks freely on dry food throughout the day. He's six months old and weighs a little over five pounds. He is going through a growth spurt and eats like a horse. Currently I feed him Halo sensitive skin dry food since that's what Willow was eating before she lost her taste for dry. I was given a sample pack of Taste of the Wild and he really liked it, so that's probably what I'll go to once the bag of Halo is gone.

I'm also thinking of switching the wet food to a 100% meat wet food and giving them a cat multivitamin once the canned food I have runs out.
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Trout eats IAMS dry food, and she is free fed. She's four years old and weighs 8 pounds.

She is not a piggy, so free feeding works for her.
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