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GHOSTY!!! pls read

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OMG LOL oreo had a major moment she is obsessing over thin air. lol i swear to god shes lost it! the only solution is that she saw a ghost. it dosent surprise me in the least(coming from a firm ghost beliveer). so what do you think?
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Could be... or maybe aliens.
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Its possible... or maybe she was dreaming about dinner!
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My cats have been doing that lately and its freaky.
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I've always thought George could see ghosts... there's one or two spots in the hallway where "nothing" is but George looks up and meows loudly. I think its my dad that he's talking to...
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Totally possible. My cats saw something once, one was in the house and the other in the tree in the front yard. The one in the house was growling at something and the other darted across the front yard. When I went to get the one that was outside her hair was standing up on end and she couldn't seem to get into my arms fast enough... I don't know what they saw but it scared them bad.
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I'd blame dust, spots of light, or whathaveyou before ghosts.

That said, if you have OTHER signs of ghosts, that could be another one.

Now get out the tape recorder, video camera, and thermometer and get us some ghost-huntin' evidence!
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It could be ghosts or some small dust particles floating in the air. If you lived closer, I would stop by for some EVP, EMF readings to see if I could catch any possible ghost activity in your home.
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