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(this has alot to do with a post I made earlier, so if your confused, looked here

I hadn't seen furball for a few days and I could tell Mai Sai was looking for him, so I asked Russ (the guy across the street who has been caring for him) if he was alright. Heh, well....turns out that Paul (the owner who was forgetting to take care of him) had called animal control on Russ for feeding his cat and bring him in from the cold. I am so mad, how can he do that? he had forgotten to feed the cat for many days and he didn't even let him in when he was cold. It's not like they are strangers, Paul works for Russ's wife! . I was so worried about this cat, and he was such a sweetheart. I thought that since Russ was taking care of him I didn't have to worry anymore, and then he gets the animal control called on him because of it? I wish I could do something, it just makes me so mad!