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Dancing With The Stars 7 - the finale!

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Tonight Brooke, Warren, and Lance make their last stands to be the winner of the mirrored ball trophy!

Based on the performances of the last two weeks, they will have to come out hard and strong to win!
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I'm torn as to who I want to win, Brooke cuz the ladies need to catch up, but Warren cuz he is so adorable!!
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I'd be happy if either Brooke or Warren won. Just please don't let the winner be Lance!
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Originally Posted by CATTYBIRD View Post
I'd be happy if either Brooke or Warren won. Just please don't let the winner be Lance!
I'm not a Lance fan either. But I'm rooting for Warren tonight!! He's just a big teddy bear and he suprised me with how well he can dance in spite of his size. His personality is great too.
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I'm rooting for Brooke. She has consistently been the best technically (except for one week). I love Warren and he's a good entertainer. But technically he isn't very good. Lance is pretty good. I think he's done much better the last few shows and at the least, should be considered "Most Improved."
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If the public goes with the judges, Brooke is sure to win. Two great dances and her freestyle earned a perfect 30.
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The way I see it, Brooke is more technically correct; but she's not as entertaining. And to me that really matters.
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I'm rooting for Warren. Brooke may be the best technician, but she has failed to improve in the one area that the judges have pointed out almost every week--her legs. She keeps her legs bent, which I find irritating, and which ruins the line of the dance.
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I thoguht Lance and Lacey had the best samba, but Brooke's freestyle was I like Warren, but I think that he is getting by on entertainment value and not precision which I guess I like better (technical skills)
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I'm rooting for Warren
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I hope Warren gets it he is my fav.
I also like Brooke.
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I loved that roast!
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I can't believe it's over!!! I'm way too wound up to go to sleep at the moment. I'm glad Warren at least got second place! It was fun seeing the other competitors dance again too.
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Did you just give it away to those of us on the West Coast?! That's OK, I'd watch reruns. I don't know what I'm going to do until it's time again. I love this show! And I really, really liked Brooke's and Derek's routine last night. I thought it was very entertaining.
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Yay!! Brooke won!

Nice program for the night with all the celebs returning and dancing (if they could). Jeffrey danced better than the first week! And the roast was hilarious!
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Our tv station went out (windy weather) so all I got to watch was a pink screen, wahh!!
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Originally Posted by MonaxLisa View Post
Our tv station went out (windy weather) so all I got to watch was a pink screen, wahh!!
Bummer. I have noticed some of the dances on youtube and it should be on the DWTS website.
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Strictly Come Dancing, the parent show to Dancing with the Stars, is still into Season 6 here in the UK. We are down to the last 5 competitors and the standard this year is the highest ever with no clear leader. Any one of 4 of the last 5 could pick up the glitter ball at the end. Even though the remaining few are all very good, they have not been entirely consistent and all of them have had the odd blip when a dance hasn't really worked for them. It's all going to come down to which dance they get on the night.

This programme format is a phenomenon. The BBC has sold it to 38 countries round the world, including Chile, India and Japan and it is, apparently, the most watched television programme in the world. The format is the same wherever you go. Only the name changes. The original British title comes from the conflation of two other titles. For years, there was a regular dance competition show on TV here called Come Dancing. It's not been on for some years but it is a show everyone remembers. Then there was the great Australian film, Strictly Ballroom. The BBC just married the two names.
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I like this program because you see the celebrities outside of their comfort zone and you never know who will shine. This past season we learned a 300 pound ex-football player could move gracefully!

Then there are the celebs who you know can't win but are so entertaining, such as Cloris Leachman this past season.

And then there are the male pro dancers...
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