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Well the good camera still needs charging so I took a couple on the cell phone cam, they're not very good quality but they give a good idea how big she is now! Since the last photos.

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OH WOW! How much does she weigh? Shes gorgeous!!
All of my boy cats are big cats
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I'm not sure how much she weighs....Raggies are very large cats though, I think one of the biggest breeds? So they get huuuge, I like that though, it's like owning a mini-tiger
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Ragdolls, Ragamuffin, Maine Coon are all large breeds. I love large breeds, too. Mine are not pure bred, but my boys range from 17-23 lbs.
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Oh I would also love to own a Maine the past we've always had rescue cats, we had five altogether, although not all at once, the house would have been a bit of a zoo! But yes this time I thought I would like to own a pure bred for a change, from a loving breeder who is passionate about her animals, so I did.
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What a gorgeous sweet face she has!. I love her colouring as well
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Very pretty I also have a ragdoll she is a blue colourpoint and yes she is huge lol.
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she is beautiful!!!
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Awww what a sweet face she has!
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What a cuddle bug
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She is like so totally gorgeous
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She`s a beauty!
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