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They are driving me nuts

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I foolishly thought since all three kids are at school today. I would be able to wrap presents in peace. It started out good. Then Gus came along. before I knew it. Lucky was running away with the ribbon. I chased her down , Came back to find Gus ripping open the presents. Macie the puppy, had chewed the tape. I put all the fur children in my room .so I could clean up the mess and finish the job. After rewrapping the presents. I though I should have just made up a story of how Santa has cat.
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I feel your pain, Sibohan likes sleeping on the paper weather in rolls or on the presents.
If i'm looking for her she is most likely under the tree wraped around a gift or somthing.

the "If santa has a cat" story I think it might go along the lines of that childrens song "THe Cat Came back"
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Pixie is a ribbon freak...She loves the stuff so I can imagine what it is going to be like once I start wrapping gifts here.

You gotta admit though it's hard to get annoyed about it because it's so funny to watch them..
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Yes, I was wrapping my SS presents today and of course Gracie and Casey decided to "help" me! :/.
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My furbabies are like that lol! Jinxy will have the tape in her mouth , dolly will have ribbon wrapped around her paws , benson will be asleep on gift wrap ,and one of the kittens will be scratchin and actual gift lol

But yes you have to laugh lol
Jess x
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That made me laugh...I don't have that problem with my cats, but they do like to help me scrapbook.
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