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Sorry to hear your news.

My condolences to you and all your family - specially your Grandmother.

You will be in my thoughts. Many hugs to you.
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I'm so sorry, Heidi. I am thinking of you and your family.
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Heidi, I am so sorry.
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I'm so sorry, hon. My heart goes out to your grandma... I dearly hope she will be able to continue to enjoy life and find strength in the virtually 71 years they had together.
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Oh Heidi, I'm so sorry
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I'msorry for your loss hon.May God and his Angels be with you during this hard time.
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Heidi, I'm so very sorry. Nothing but nothing prepares you. You and your family, especially your grandmother, are in my thoughts and prayers.
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My condolences to you and your family. My prayers that your grandmother holds on so you can see her soon.
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You are, as always, close to my heart, but with this news, even closer to my heart and in my thoughts, Lamb. I am so very sorry for your loss.
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My Grandpa always loved those chocolate covered cherries that you can only get around the holidays. Every year, and I mean every year we had to get him a box of those Queen Anne's Chocolate Covered Cherries. I think everyone in the family did - he had a stash and loved every one of them.

Personally, I can't stand those things, but came close with a drink - a Chocolate Covered Cherry shot (Dr. McGillicuddy's Cherry Schnapps and Godiva Dark Chocolate liquor, 1/2 and 1/2). So I did a shot, toasting to Grandpa tonight.

Word to the wise - you can't do shots when you're crying!
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That sounds incredible, Heidi. What a great way to toast him.
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Oh Heidi...I'm so sorry to hear about your grandfather. I'm thinking of you and your family, especially your grandmother...are there people there with her? She may need someone monitoring her to make sure she eats, etc. and

I like the sound of the chocolate cherry shot. Maybe it was a little soon.
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I am so sorry... I hope you can get some comfort, and your grandma keeps going strong... Even though you are not close, they KNOW you are by their sides, every minute... Through love...
All the best for you and your family -
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Sorry for your lose

Many vibes and prayers that youre grandma will be ok.
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Heidi, I'm sorry for your loss. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
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I am sorry to hear of your grandfather's death.
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I'm sorry for your loss, my condolonces to your family.
for your Grandmother.
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Your grandparents have had good long lives and although you are going to miss your grandfather and you'll want to comfort your grandmother, do try to see the positive side and celebrate a life well lived.

I have had to deal with more than my fair share of death. Some are easier to deal with than others. My beloved grandmother was actually one of the easiest. She was 96 when she died and her quality of life had deteriorated badly but she had been a loving, strong but modest woman who was adored and respected by her whole family. Her time had simply come and we had to accept that and be a little grateful for her because her life was never going to get better.

So be strong, be there for your grandmother and try to call to mind all the happy memories.
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I am so sorry for your loss. My grandfather is still here, and I know I would be devastated. Be safe.
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so sorry Heidi for this hard time...
My deep condolences to you and relatives....

RIP to him...
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Condolences to your family & extra prayers go out for your grandmother - losing your partner of 71years is alot like losing part of yourself, my heart aches for your grandmother
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