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Did they run her off

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Hey guys I have a question. I have had this little feral girl at my house since last winter and now she is nowhere to be found. I haven't seen her in a week. In the spring she had a litter of kittens and I had her spayed and she has been living in my shed/garage until a few days ago. I feed her and give her water so I can't see why she would just leave, but I don't think it's that simple. About 2 months ago she was spending a lot more time outside the shed and comng to my back porch meowing and wanting attention. A few weeks after that I was feeding her one day and there were 3 more cats in the shed!!!
One Im pretty sure its the male who got her pregnant....he has been around off and on for a while. Then, here comes a kitten about 3months old....then comes a med hair tiger girl!!! So to my question, are cats teritorial, do you think the female who isn't fixed could have run her off?? Also, how often are cats in season?? Im afraid Im going to end up with another litter becuase of these two. And I haven't seen the kitten in a few weeks, I saw it that one time and not since???
I really want my little Honey girl back!!
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cats can be territorial, male cats esp outside like this. female cats are more territorial when they become inside cats for some reason. so i don't think it's so much that, as perhaps your original cat isn't a 'cat-person.' that is, she doesn't like other cats. i have a cat like this, she wants nothing to do with the others, she doesn't really mind them, but she won't hang out with them.

a female cat can go into heat every few weeks so more kittens are imminent until the new female gets fixed! the upside is, if you get everybody fixed, the more mellow personality it tends to produce may make your cat want to come back. but you never know, it's hard to get a cat to listen to logic
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Well Im pretty sure she's gone for good. I haven't seen her in over 2weeks, i just hope she is okay and not hurt or worse. maybe one day she will come back for a visit...
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Don't give up hope! i had a feral disappear for 6 months and then show up one day like he never left. no worse for the wear either. it is also possible your female is only coming out at the quietest moments of the night to get food, etc., trying to keep a low profile.
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I have some outside cats that are having trouble with Cindy & Scotty. I've had to put food in different locations around the yard.
Sending prayers and vibes that your Honey comes back, or that at least you found out where she may have moved too
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Your post just gave me an idea!! I don't think she could be around us becuase we are really the only house around (well we have a neighbor but if she were there I'd know) Im going to call the animal management in town and see if anyone has dropped her off, she will not last there, she's not so nice sometimes to other people, but her and I had a really good bond.
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well i went to the shelter and she wasn't there...what a sad place, i spent an hour in there just so i could go to all the kitties and pet them, they were all so friendly sticking their little paws out of the cage for attention.
anyway i think i have another pregnant feral in my shed, she has been there for about a month and she is for sure getting a belly.
how likely is it that if she does deliver that the kittens will live through this weather?? it is about 30 during the day and the nights get into the teens and we aren't even the coldest months yet.
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