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Four kittens from neighborhood stray

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Four weeks ago one of the neighborhood strays decided our tool shed was the place to have her kittens (4 of them.) I was outside with the dogs and they were very interested in the shed. I expected to find a mouse or some other small animal, but there was the little family. The cat was agitated with the dogs around so I kept them away.

All of our dogs are cat friendly, and our oldest dog has a strong mother instinct and has taken in all our young and foster animals. (She was an adult when we adopted her. She's spayed and has no signs of having pups in the past, but who knows.) Every cat, kitten, puppy, or dog we've taken in she's taken under her wing.

I've been feeding mom and checking on the kittens ever since. I have planned to trap mom and have her spayed when the kittens are old enough, I'm not sure if she'll accept being in a home. I want to find homes for the little ones. Whenever mom was away I hurried in and handled all the kittens so they would be used to people.

Last week mom moved the kittens. I still put out food, but it took two days to track her down, she's two houses down in the garage (I guess the dogs just were to much.) The neighbor didn't know they were in there and had locked up the building against some bad weather, we were able to locate their hiding place and he's left the door ajar for mom to get to her babies. Several neighbors are now working with me on this little project. Another 2+ weeks and we should be taking the kittens.

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George unless you have inclement weather, it is best to leave the kittens with mom at least 12 weeks. By then, she will have taught them everything she knows, and they will understand how to bury waste, how to play, how to hunt and will be better kittens. If you feed her at scheduled times, in the same place every time, so she knows when you are coming, you will earn her trust, and she will bring the kittens to you her provider when it is time. Handling her young ones, was taking a risk, because you left your scent on them, so it is likely she moved them because they were not safe and they "smelled funny" when she returned. Thank you for keeping an eye on this family, but pursuing her and disturbing her kittens, will just make her move them again, and you may not be so lucky to find her this time, putting her at greater risk by making her go somewhere that her and her family may not really be wanted.
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Thank you, George, for telling us about this little family. Please continue to keep us informed!
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George, you sound like a very caring and a wonderful person!!!
This cat family is truely lucky someone like you found them, and I am sure happy you did !

Hissy is very much in the right about the scent scaring off the mom, I have seen it happen... It is very sruftrating when it does, so its better to either per them with a cloth they are already sleeping on or anything that smeels like the mom and the kittens. Just by seeing you around, petting the mom - it ssometimes enough for them to be more used to you. When they get a bit older - petting them would become less of a risk.

You are doing a great job with your neighbors, and you're very lucky to have them. We weren't all "blessed" with such understanding people around...

And the bottom line - Welcome to the Cat Site!!! we are always eager to hear happy stories about cats!!
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Thanks, George.. for being such a sweetheart!

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Hey George,

I noticed you didnt introduce yourself to everyone in the New Cats on The Block forum. Im sure everyone will be thrilled to meet you and hear about your cat!
Hoping to see you there!
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