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Question of the Day - November 24th

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How has your life changed in the past five years?

I was thinking about this last night. In the past five years I have quit my job, lost my Molly, moved to a different town, adopted Abby, adopted Coco and lost my father. I'm sure I am forgetting a lot as well.
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How long have you got?

I sold my house and bought another where i used to live originally, then paid my mortgage off.

Lost 4 family members

Adopted Sophie and Jack

Split with my bf Gil(But we still keep in touch).

Became a great Aunty

And in December i've had enough of where i work so i'm leaving for better things

I think that's it?
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Wow, great question! Let's see----

DH was diagnosed with a form of leukemia

we lost our kitties Lucy, Belle, Sophie, and Bob

we adopted our kitties Katie, Charlotte, Bridget, and Hannah

lost my favorite aunt this past year

5 years ago, DD was only 14 y/o ---'nuf said!

gone thru the first 2 divorces ever in my family ( a nephew and a niece)

a close family member received a drug conviction, shaking up the whole famiy

I've gotten a WHOLE lot older
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Hmmm, lets see.....five years? that would be 2003

had surgery
acquired Tiger, Gizmo, Garfield, Little Bit, Jewel, Fuzzy, Sweet Pea, Miss Black , Tab, Henry, Izzy , Legsy, Lil' Sis, and Samwise

Lost Little Bit, Jewel, Gizmo, Rurnt, Rusty and Sweet Pea

Lost my job of 20 years in 2006 when we closed the family no longer selling, repairing shoes or working as a sales clerk

Started a new, catering and delivering.......a lot of days working longer hours than I want, lol

Lost my mother in law, a grandfather, a grandmother and several friends.

Made a lot of new "internet" friends.....and lost a few of those too...not so much to death as to just other things.

Hub and I both almost had a nervous breakdown, we're stronger now as a couple for the things that we went through during this time

and I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot too!
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Lets see......

Lost Sheba and Tommie can't remember when I lost Sierra though.

Got Bakker!!

One of my three SIL's suffered massive stroke.

Mom diagnosed with breast cancer.

Lost my job and started my own business and now working at a pt job.

Built garden shed, demolished and rebuilt other garage and did massive hardscaping project.

Bought the farm property up north.

Colored my hair for the first time!

That should be enough for now!!
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Wow I was thinking of this the other day. I moved out with DH, got married, quit my job, found Benson, moved in with my mom, remodeling her house, and now having a baby.
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Wow let's see

Downsized from my house to my loft.
Lost two very good friends, one to cancer, one in a car accident.
Lost my cat Flip
Adopted both Linus and Pixie
Went from being XXXXX.XX dollars in debt to completely out of debt.
Left my job of 17years to go into semi-retirement.

Most of the changes I intentionally made over the last few years were leading to the point that I am at now.
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Moved halfway across the country.

Lost Alley

Joined TCS!

Adopted Riley and Xander
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The most significant thing that happened is Bella being diagnosed with lung cancer on May 9, 2006, and dying Sept 9, 2006, she was and is the Love of my life, it changed my life completely, nothing is the same without her

1 year later on May 9, 2007 MY Dad was diagnosed with lung cancer Also that same day, Joey was diagnosed with Lymphoma, which later it was discovered he DID NOT have it, Thank God

On March 15, 2007 Lucia arrived

On September 28, 2007 we got Mario

On July 8, 2008 David brought Pepino home
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I lost my beautiful and forever loved Grandma
I lost my sweet angel Babygirl (almost 6 years ago)
I found Easy, who was pregnant (OMG I have 5 cats!)
We got Snowball
I moved twice!
The dynamics of my family have drastically changed.
Im sure there is more .....

I have had both good and bad happen. Some very good, some very bad.
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In the last 5 years my husband got leukemia.
My Dad had a heart attack and triple bypass and gall bladder surgery.
He also has kidney problems and Diabetes and Thyroid.
I lost Stormy,Yoshi and Smokey.
We goy Sasha and Oreo.
I found out I have severe Anemia.
I had to quit my job to move and have not found another.
We got Married.
My sister got married.
My dad got remarried.
We bought a house.
Lost some friends to cancer.
Lost my aunt a few months ago.
Lost other friends.
Have two new nephews.
Met alot of people from cat groups.
Found out my cousin has lymphona.
Found out Coco has crf.Found out Coco has alot of bladder problems.
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Moved to a different town
Bought new house.
Lost my Mom
Adopted my Daughter
Lost my Mother in law
Lost my Father in Law
Found newborn Lucky on my lawn
Kittynapped Gus from his Semi Feral Mom
Kittynapped Gus's pregnant Mom (had 4 babies)
Got Momma spayed released her, rehomed her babies
Lost my Sweet Dog Sophie
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Last 5 gives me a headache to think about it.

Ok, moved back home from Guam (2003)
mom diagnosed with cancer go I became a full time care giver.
Granddad passed away (april 2004)
mom passed away (May 2004)
Inherited 2 houses to clean out and sell (sold 2005)
started a new job.
got married.
built our own house (2006/2007).
Grandma passed away (2008)
In the process obtained Harley, Monster, Little One, Gizmo, Corky, Missy, Snickers, Buttercup, Brooke and Skuttles.
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Due to poor health, I retired at age 59.
Moved to a nursing home
Had to find new homes for Beau and Felicia.
Felicia has gone to Rainbow Bridge.
I haven't heard from Beau's caregiver and don't know if he is even alive.
There is more but I get depressed just thinking about it.
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Let's see.....

I had an ovarian cyst removed in 2003
I met Travis 2003
Got Oscar 2003
Broke up with Travis and got back together in 2004
Moved in with Travis 2004-2005ish
Got engaged 2006
Bought my first house! 2008

I think that's it for now....
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I.......(in no particular order)
became a grandmother
went back to school and became a massage therapist
my massage license lapsed due to lack of funds to renew
went to work for Directv
lost Fred to the Bridge
rescued Scooter, Pepper, and Fluffy
let go of several bad habits
was diagnosed with rhuematoid arthritis, diabetes, and lupus
found out from another doc I probably had none of the above
now I work for Time Warner Cable
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Wow, the past 5 years.

Began dating my now fiance (August 29, 2004)
Graduated college (2006)
Moved to New Hampshire (2006)
Fiance and I began living together (2006)
Got my first *real* full-time job since graduatin (2006)
Bought my first car (2006)
Adopted Namine with my fiance (2006)
Got engaged (September 24, 2008)
And am now in the process of planning my wedding.
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A LOT!!!

5 years ago I was a junior in high school in New Jersey, 17, driving my 84 Camaro Z28, hitting the billiard hall 2-3x a week, and working at ShopRite (grocery store). I had some type of pseudo-relationship, I guess you could call it. I lost my 10 year old cat, Battery, to a malignant nasal tumor (7/1/03) . Adopted Chassis. (2003)

4 years ago, I moved to North Carolina for my senior year of HS, because my parents wanted to leave Jersey. I hated it. I missed my friends, all the familiarity, my family, my job, etc. We lost Battery's brother, Mag, at 11 years old due to kidney failure two weeks after we moved . We adopted Caliper the day before Mag left us (7/18/04). I began talking to Rob that November. (2004)

A little less than 4 years ago (early 2005), Rob and I met in person and began dating. I graduated high school, and moved to South Carolina that summer. I applied for a lot of jobs. I "adopted" Tigger into my heart, Rob's 14 year old cat.

In 2006 I got a job doing medical billing for radiology the day after our 1 year anniversary together. Six months later, I landed my job at the environmental laboratory I work at now. Worked with Rob for 6 months into 2007. Turned my car into a project car this year as well. Still a project now!

In February 2007 Rob proposed to me on the beach on our 2 year anniversary. I got a different, better position at the lab, along with 4 raises that year. Planned our wedding. Lost Tigger that September 11, as well as my grandpa on September 27 Adopted Katina and Monte September 23. We bought a 92 Integra LS too, and daily drive that now.

In 2008 we got married Started the process on having a house built. Lost Monte in June I went to Maine for the first time in August. Adopted Nero August 18. More house aggravation, and finally, TODAY, the house is here!!!! We also have 6 cars now, oy! Only 3 run, 1 sits, 1 is driven daily, and the other one my brother drives. The other 3 are works in progress.

That's a lot of stuff that has changed in the last 5 years, wow.
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We adopted Summer in December of 3003. Can't believe its been 5 years!

We both graduated college in May 2005.

We moved after graduation and got jobs.

We adopted Chevy in October of 2006.

We got engaged in March 2007.

I went back to college for my second bachelor's degree in Fall 2007.

I think that sums up everything pretty well!
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Whoa, good question...let me

Broke up with a live in bf
Acquired Trout
Moved a few times
Switched jobs twice
Got engaged
Moved back to Ottawa
Became physically active (regularily)
Switched cars
Switched careers
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Good question!

Lets see...

I moved 2.5 hours away from my family for a job and ex-boyfriend
Broke up with the boyfriend for many reasons
Met my now fiance
Adopted Harley
Lost my first 'real' full time job when the business closed, unemployed for almost a year
Started my now job
Lost everything we owned in the 2007 floods
My sweet Davidson died
We adopted Bayley from the Humane Society
Became engaged

Thats it for now I think
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let's see in the last 5 years...

I lost my grandmother
I graduated college and got accepted to grad school and then finished my masters
had about 3 different jobs during that time period
started getting allergy shots and then stopped last may when I moved
got my cat Zelda
got my dog scrappy
we had to put the family cat sabrina to sleep a few months ago
i moved away from home for the first time about 6 months ago
i've only gone out of state three times since then
the bf and i bought a boat and then sold it in august of '07. we only had it for 2 years or so.

I'm sure there is more but thats what comes off the top of my head right now.
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In the past five years I:

Got married
My dad passed away with cancer
My gramma passed away
my uncle passed away with cancer
I went from having a job I dreaded to having one I look forward to going to
I have made contact with old friends
I am closer to some of my reletives than I have ever been.
I got Princess, Baby, Harry, Tigger, Buddy, and Polly.
I made up my mind to lose all contact with my ex husband, life is much more enjoyable when your not miserable.
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2003 was the year the renovations began at my workplace, moving all operations out of one building into the other plus some portables. We were supposed to be out for one year. Two and half years later we moved back, and the last of the development that was part of that project is on the brink of completion now.

I've lost my Dad and my Mother-in-Law, two uncles and an aunt on my side, and three aunts on DH's side, which has left us the senior generation in each of our families. We don't have our heads around that yet.

Three nieces have been married, all have had their first kids, and another nephew gave us a great-nephew.

We travelled with our choir to Central Mexico for a choir tour. Awesome experience.

DH retired, and I hope not to be far behind him.

Can't think any more....
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