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*PLEASE* HELP, fighting kittens

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Peanut, as you may have read is a new kitten for me, 10 - 11 wks old and I have had for about 2 wks, I got him along with Turbo, same time, same age, they were cage mates. They got along great at first. Peanut has been at vet for 5 days, came home last night and now they attack eachother. No hissing or swatting, but just pouncing and biting. Mostly this is being done by Turbo while peanut will either fight back or just lay there. Turbo is a bit bigger. I am nervous and keep them seperate, one upstairs one down. Peanut has a sore on his bottom and Turbo seems to go right for it. When he does this I do a time out for him in a small room. Will they get along again, I have never had 2 cats so I don't know what to do!!! HELP!! they have not yet been neutered so maybe that will help too! How long do you think it will take?
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I am no expert but it sounds like they are establishing dominence. My kittens I have had for about the same amt of time do this. I dont really think they would get to the point of hurting each other. I think they have to work this out on their own. While they are young is better I think.
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Neutering may certainly help, as male kitties (they are both male, right?) will fight to gain dominance over the territory they inhabit. I think the vet smell on the one cat probably didn't help much. I understand it takes about 6 weeks for the hormones to settle down and not be an issue anymore.

One of the things I do (other's may have different ideas) is when one of my cats goes to the vet, I take along a bottle of vanilla extract - and dab a little on the cat before she comes back into the house. Of course, before I leave the house to go and bring her home, I dab some vanilla extract on all the other kitties. That way, I don't deal with the "Oh, this cat CAN'T be one who lives here, she smells different!" when I get home. They all smell alike, and usually they don't like the vanilla, so after a few minutes of everyone sniffing everyone else, all settle on my bed for a marathon grooming session.

The downside to this is that I have one (a neutered boy I rescued) that is very prone to hairballs, and he is typically the one that starts licking everyone else. So -- usually a day or so after a vet visit, I find delightful "presents" in various and sundry places around my home. *grin*

Get your boys neutered, and give it some time. Unless they are really injuring each other, let them work it out. Supervised, of course! They WILL reach an "agreement".

Best of luck,

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Your doing th right thing by keep your boys separated.

If vanilla doesn't work then you might try this.

Keep them separate but make sure that they can smell and see each other under a door or through a screen. Take something that Turbo has had access to and may have napped on like an old blanket or towel and put it in Peanut's room. The same goes for an old towel with Peanuts scent on it - take it Turbo.

Repeat this every two days or so and don't wash the scent object (towel etc). Rub each cat with this scent object to enhance the effect. Switch the rooms your keeping them in.

Put them on either side of a door that they can see and smell beneath and feed them at the same time. Nothing precipates peace in my experience like hungry cats feeding at the same time. It evokes the "We are all littermates nursing from mommy" behavior.

Pet one and while the scent of that one is fresh go pet the other one. Let him sniff your hands and clothes and associate the scent with you. Repeat in reverse.

I have had this problem before after a flea and tick dip erased my cats scent. It took about 5 days before peace was established.

Take time to relax yourself....play with the cats while you sip an herbal tea etc. Your body language can tell the cats "hey its OK you guys like each other...remember???" And yes, please, please, please, please neuter!!!!!


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