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Daily Thread Monday Nov 24!

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Morning peeps!

Going to be above 0 degrees today I think we are getting snow tonight though, which I am not a fan of.

I am heading to work early, as I have to leave early for a doctors appointment.

Thats about it...oh and its laundry night tonight.

Have a great day!
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The temperature is in the 40's already here, but it's raining

I guess I'll just stay in and mess around the house.
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Had a pretty good morning so far today, went out and got some more shopping ready for the week, and also bought myself a new pair of mittens

This afternoon I am going out on a date!

Wish me luck guys...
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A date WOO-HOO!!

We got snow on the ground!! Its 29F (-2C) with 2.5 inches. Weatherman was wrong as last light he said less than 1/2 inch. I haven't seen or heard and plows yet-I don't think they were ready yet. and speaking of ready I don't have any weight in the back of the truck so I'' have to watch my driving today.

Just doing some laundry and going to drag out all the Christmas presents I bought to see how much I have and how much to get yet. Going to work a bit early as I have to still drop off one winter container as I dropped one off yesterday as two would not fit in any vehicle as I didn't want to risk them in the back of the truck either.

Cats are all taking their early morning nap. I'm a bit sore of playing Wii yesterday too.

Baked chicken and veg for supper tonite!!

Enjoy your Monday!!
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We're off today, and taking advantage of it,, the next few weeks tend to get hectic! hub is asleep, I'm considering a nap, have got to load the dishwasher and need to work on the doll house on the needs paint, about 1/3 of the shingles applied, carpet in the bedroom and "white tile" on the bathroom walls. I'm trying to get it done for a Christmas surprise for a little girl who's mom was in a car wreck in May and still isn't able to work.
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Brrrr another cold windy day 18F and 30MPH winds. Calling for our first snow tonight.But probably turing over to freezing rain here on the coast.I'd rather have snow. Not much planned today. Catching up on house cleaning, as I have let it go the past couple of days. Have been off Xmas shopping.
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Morning Folks! It's going to be 10 degrees warmer this week. We had a blast of winter last week. We might have snow showers later in the week but it will be too warm for it to stick.

Today is laundry day. I also have to keep reminding mom to make her phone calls. She decided to donate her dining room set so we can take ours out of storage. Her's is a nice solid wood but ugly and the chairs are falling apart.
She is also donating her Mom's TV cabinet. The picture has always been horrible so she purchased an LCD yesterday.

I am waiting for the baby's bedding to arrive so we can figure out what to paint that room. The bathroom is finally done and looks great. Hubby did a wonderful job.
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Morning All!!!

Snowing here today but not overly cold.

Have to run a few errands after lunch, have to pick up light bulbs. Why is it you never remember to pick them up to have on hand. Seriously I never have a light bulb in the house when I need one.

A bit congested with a sore throat today, hoping it's just my allergies acting up and I am not getting a cold.

After my errands finishing my laundry and just vegging for the rest of the day.

Cats are good this morning, all having treats right now so they will most likely be having their morning nap shortly.

Everyone have a good day
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