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Foster Cat Not Defecating...

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I brought my foster home on Saturday. It has now been 31 hours and she still has not pooped yet. I think I read that this is a common problem in some cats under stress, but I want assurance that this is nothing to worry about...yet.
For those wondering, she is at least one year old.

When should I start to be really concerned? She urinates just fine.
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It's not unusual for it to be a couple of days before a cat adjusts to a new place, a new litter box, a new food, etc. Keep an eye on her, and touch base with your vet, is about all the advice I can offer.
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I don't think you should worry yet. I have had mine go several days and my vet wasn't overly concerned. Stress and a lot of other things can cause this, if you get concerned check with the vet.
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I just went through this with one of my fosters.

Poor boy was all backed up by the time we went into the vet. They had to do two enema's and he still didn't go for a few hours after that.

What got us concerned was that he would get into the box and act like he was pooping, straining and even covering up nothing. So if you see him in the box straining or trying to poop and nothing is coming out I would get him to the vet.

If he seems to be only going in the box to pee you may want to start searching for hidden "gifts" left for you
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My Lucky took 48 hours to pee, poop and eat when she first got home! I was terrified, but she turned out ok... It was all due to stress!
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I had the same situation with my current foster, whom I will be adopting soon. He had an URI and had not eaten or pooped for 2 days when I got him. He was cleared by the clinic, but it took another few days for him to use the litterbox. He has been fine since, but of course, a call to your vet would probably be the best advice.
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