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Hello I am Susie. I have 3 spoiled cats and 1 pending...lol
Kitkat is my oldest girl,she is 5 and a tortie. I call her kitten because she still acts like one. She is my baby and loves to talk!

Ladyfluff aka fluffbutt is a Maine Coon. She also talks alot, and makes all kinds of funny little sounds. She is not a big lover, but always has to be around me, or my hubby. She is never away from us when we are home. She turned 5 in December. She just now has started to get in my lap!

Blue is a Siamese blue point mix. He is going to be 3 in may. When I got him from the shelter I took him to the Vet. He was so skinny and sick. We found out later when he was only 6 months old that he has kidney problems. he wasn't even expected to live a year! Now he is fixing to be 3! He is the little bratty brother, he loves to jump on his sisters! He can intimidate Kitkat, but Fluffbutt will knock him up side the head! I take very good care of Blue, so he stays healthy. I never even think about him being sick, and neither does he!

A few days ago I rescued a little baby Siamese from these people that had her and was going to throw her out. She is very young, only around 8 weeks old. She was very sick. She is at the Vet hospital now getting well. I named her Sasha. My hubby does not know about her yet. I am going to pick her up Monday.
Well that's about it for my babies.For now
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Welcome to the site, Susie! I'm glad you could join us. It sounds like you have three wonderful little babies! I hope Sasha gets well soon!
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Welcome to the site! Sounds like you have a wonderful furry family. How wonderful of you to rescue Sasha from such a bad situation. Sending get well soon vibes her way!

I look forward to getting to know you and all your fur-babes on the boards. It can be quite addicting, there are so many nice people here.
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Cute Cat BUMS !!! ...LOL WELCOME , You'll love it here
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Welcome to you and your little furbabies! I think you will really enjoy your time here (I sure do! )
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