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Has anyone had a problem with their Wii?

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This is the 5th day in a row it is not working right.
I went toplay it tonight and it had that error thing again.
I tried a few games and it said the same thing,
I got it to work for a minute on Wii Sports then the Wii Mote start vibrating and it said error again.
I use the Wii for exercise.
Has this ever happened to any of you?
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DH and I haven't used ours much, but if you can post exactly what the error code says and what the screen looks like (color, any sort of lines/fuzziness) I can probably look it up and find out what the problem is.

My guess would be it's probably: a) dirty lense b) over heating c) some sort of short. With over heating being my main guess.
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I will post what it says tomorrow.
I am not sure if I posted this in the right place.
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I doubt anyone will complain, if it's in the wrong section it will be moved tomorrow.

Here's a site that lists some error codes. It seems a lot of them have to do with internet connection, which if you can't even get a game to load up - likely isn't your problem.

As soon as I have the spare time to bother with it, I need to take my BIL's 360 apart and see if I can fix it. Hopefully that's a simple heat issue I can somewhat solve and not anything that's already been completely damaged from heat.
It would be nice if the developers would spend a bit more time considering these problems instead of rushing out systems to market.
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Thanks for the help.
I am so amd right now.
My husband tried everything it said to do and still it has the problem.
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My only suggestion would be to E-mail or phone Nintendo and see if they have any solutions. The only problem I've had with my Wii is sometimes the wireless internet doesn't work that great.
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My husband says to unplug the wii from the outlet for two minutes and then plug it back in again. He said we had that problem with ours and that's what he was told to do.
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You still didn't post the error code. I can keep looking and possibly find other sources for information on the codes if you can please post that and what the screen looks like.

If you're under warranty, you can try Nintendo - if not, you will have to pay for them to fix it. Sending your console back will likely result is any saved data being lost, as well.
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Nintendo is a great company for helping is customers. If you are still having the problem you need to write down what it says and email or phone them and tell them in detail what it is doing, when it does it, and what it says. Hopefully they can help you out.
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Sorry I have not posted the code yet.
We were not home all day then I hurt my fingers at funworks.
I will try to post it tomorrow.
We did try unpluging the Wii and all that.
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I have not yet had any issues with my Wii, but it sounds like yours could be caused by a poorly sync'd/poorly functioning wiimote. Any chance you swapped batteries recently or changed to a rechargeable?
Try re-syncing the wiimote: unplug wii for a min, re plug in. On the health/safety screen, hold down the SYNC button on the front of the wii for at least 15 seconds. This will clear everythign that had prev. been sync'd to the wii. The resync all remotes (press sync button on wiimote briefly, then press the sync button on the wii again).
Hopefully you are up and running again quickly!
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We tried that but same problem.
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Yeah, we had an issue with our first one. It was working fine, then BAM all at once, it stopped. I mean, it just DIED. So it sounds like it's not the same issue, but we just called, and they shipped us a new one! No questions asked.

So hopefully, yours will be just as easy! Good luck!
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We will call Nintendo this week.
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This is what it says with my Wii.
An Error has occured.
Press the Eject button,remove the gaame disc, and turn the power off.
Please read the Wii operations manual for more information.
We read the manual and it still does the same thing.
My husband did what it said to do.
Looks like we will have to call Nintendo tomorrow.
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Looks like that error is common in two circumstances. Modded Wii's and people using certain brands of dvdrs or even certain dvd burners to burn those dvdrs, or a dirty lens.

Since I doubt you have a modded Wii and have been burning games (you really do not seem the type for that sort of technical stuff), I'm going to guess it's a dirty lens. Chances are there's a few cat hairs in there along with all sorts of random lint that floats around in the air.

If you're in warranty, Nintendo should fix it. If you're out of warranty you may try calling around computer repair shops and see if any of them have someone who's experienced with working on game consoles.
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I guess we will call Nintendo and will have to pay.
The warranty is expired.
I got my Wii at Game Stopabout 1.5 years ago.
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Did Game Stop offer an extended store warranty? If so - did you get it? Though I'm not sure how much a store warranty would cover, but anything helps.
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No we turned it down.
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We have to send it to Washington State and it is 89.31 to fix it.
It will take 11-16 days to get it back.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
We have to send it to Washington State and it is 89.31 to fix it.
It will take 11-16 days to get it back.
Yikes Is there an electornics shop near you that will do Wii repairs?
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We will call repair shops.
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