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food, party ideas help!

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Alright, since i got here I have not cooked, FMIL doesn't like this or that. So i just let her do it!

Now this is my little wedding and she has completely taken over So this is my chance.

There are going to be 20 people. We were all supposed to go to a restaurant after dinner... nope... FMIL wants catering and do it them selves.

Just think of this as a party not a formal wedding!

So i have cold meats, cheese, olives and little italian antipasti things on the list.
Since its going to be on December 20th and its supposed to be hot over here, although with all storms going on I highly doubt it, we may not be able to use a bbq!

Dips and crackers are also on the list.
Potato Salad
Garden Salad
Pasta Salad

His Aunty is making home made spring rolls.

This is where i need your help, i want something easy and quick to make the day before so it tastes delicious the next day even warmed up.

I am planning on making veggie frittatas but i need more meaty ideas.

I am at loss
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Meatballs that you can reheat in a sauce?? Let me take a look through my recipes.
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Since its supposed to be hot, a fruit salad would go over well....just take fresh, in season fruit, peel and chunk into bite size peices, add grapes, pineapple, whatever you like, mix in a bowl and chill....add fresh strawberries just before putting it on the table. If you want a dip for it, mix 8 oz cream cheese, 1/2 c sugar and a few drops of vanilla flavoring......yummy!

If you can make or buy chicken nuggets....chill them, then reheat the next day and serve with a couple of different sauces, BBQ, honey mustard, ranch.....
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Originally Posted by GailC View Post
Meatballs that you can reheat in a sauce?? Let me take a look through my recipes.
I was thinking meatballs as well. Mom used to make them and she just threw everything in the crock pot and let it cook overnight. She used to make 2 kinds..one with a chili sauce/grape jelly sauce and the other with a cream of mushroom sauce. Or, you can get those little party franks and do them a crock pot w/ bbq and chili sauce.

This isn't my mom's recipe (I don't think her's was ever written down) but it's similar. Actually sounds pretty good with the cranberry sauce too!

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Thanks girls, i am just thinking of making the same thing as my engagement party which everyone loved which was a big roast and potatoes! its was summer then too and not a heavy sauce!
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Deviled eggs always go over well at parties. Also have you ever tried pinwheels? They are rolled tortillas with cream cheese, you can add lunch meat, lettuce, and tomato too. They are very good. We make them with green chili and cream cheese mixed together.
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