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Contests and things

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I have been out of pocket for a few weeks due to health and work.

I cannot remember where the contests and things related are. Could someone kindly email me at pashirrell@msn.com and jog my memory.

Thank you Shirrell
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Bumping up for answer
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Shirrell I am not sure what you are asking here? As the one who runs the contests, we have one or two contests per month- and I try to keep them up in the general flow of the board. Lately, I have just been to busy to come here and bump them up, just do a search for contests with the poster being hissy and you will find all of them.
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Bump for Shirrel
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whoa! I had no idea we could do a search like that.

But I would have no idea what and who to search for when I'm looking for stuff. Good option though!
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That's what the internal search engine on this board is for. You can set it up to search in any manner you wish, even to the very beginning of the board if you want. It is fairly easy to use, and I use it all the time, especially when I am pressed for time. The posts will show up, but they will be in with other posts, so you have to go in and just scroll till you see the one you need. Your search words will show up in red in the posts- so you know that the post you are looking at is one that might have the information and you find it that way.
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We should have a contest forum page ...

hint hint...

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I totally agree, too hard to find them as it is now.
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There is always one or two contests every month. Once the month is over, the contests go away, deleted into cyberspace. During the time of the contest, I do try to keep it up at the top of the board during heavy board time hours. Having a forum with just contests on them would result in a lot of dead posts (because the games don't exisit anymore) Plus not everyone would go there every month to check them out and see the new one. So the older contests that you are looking for, are not valid now. Right now the only forum contest is the May Gem one- The Pong Game.

As for the Meowhoo games that I *test* out before the newsletter is released, you can access those all month long by being subscribed to MeowMews or by visiting Meowhoo.com
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Where do you find the contests posted, under what title or caption?
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Shirrell...don't have any answers for you, but sent you an e-mail anyway! (I like to exchange e-mails with people I meet here, who seem really nice, if given the opportunity.)
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I emailed you back just now. It is good to be back here, I had lost the URL over the summer because I changed ISP's.

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Can anyone tell me if the contest to win a free piece of cat furniture is over and if so, who won?

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I think it is December 15th.
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