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She drinks my water!

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I always seem to have a large plastic tumbler of water near me. My little girl Ellie always seems to have her face in it!! One of these days she's going to get her head stuck - because no matter how much water is in there, she manages to get her face all the way in to take a drink! And now she has George dipping his paws in the tumbler to get a drink. What those furballs teach other!!
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My (OTB) Bogart used to do that. One night I left a glass of water on the end table next to the sofa and fell asleep on the sofa. Sometime in the middle of the night, the glass tipped over (oops) and the water landed on my head.

That was the last time I used tumblers to drink water from.
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Oh, that's too funny! I'm thinking I might have to start drinking out of sippy cups - I'd move the water around and Ellie would just walk all over me to get to it. She's a determined little thing!
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When mine were younger, I would have a glass of water and they would have their bowls of water, but everyday, they kept drinking out of my glass and not their bowls. So I started making them glasses of water everyday and thats how they drink their water now, out of glasses.

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Well, Butzie drinks from my toilet and my husband's name is George. Is there some connection here?
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My girl Snow loves to drink from my tumbler as well. And it doesnt matter what I am drinking she has to have her nose in their. And has to taste it before I can
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I usually take a glass of water to bed with me (I wake up really dry - especially when the furnace is on) and lately my two think of this as room service - if they wake up at night and want a drink, they walk over me, drink from my glass then go curl back up wherever they were sleeping...guess I'm not the only one who doesn't want to be bothered to go downstairs at night.
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My two do the same thing. We've had them two weeks and they've already knocked over two full glasses of water by trying to stick their heads deep down inside a tall cup that's not very full. They never mess with our food - but they stick their face down in every cup in the house!
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my cats seem to have tumbler radar, where I am there is a tumbler and where there is a tumbler there is a cat drinking my water...even if when they have fresh water they'd rather have it out of my cup.
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The only thing my cat seems to drink from is a glass by my bedside. I take a glass of water to bed for the cat, not for me!
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Hehe, Chloe does this...only it's not just water with her, it's coffee, cola...
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My cats are the same LOVE my water, not theirs,mine
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