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Missy, Cozmo and Misty,,,

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Here is Missy, {on pillow} Cozmo and Misty. Misty was trying to use Cozmo as a pillow but he wouldn't stay still as he was guarding the plastic bag.
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They are adorable
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What gorgeous kitties! And... WOW, Missy is 21 years old? That's phenomenal
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Adorable kitties!
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awww they are all beautiful! Poor Misty
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Originally Posted by BabyWukong View Post
What gorgeous kitties! And... WOW, Missy is 21 years old? That's phenomenal
I met Yvonne in 1997 so before that I didn't know Missy, One day Yvonne and her kids got arguing about how old she really is and figured out that they are pretty sure she was born some time in 1987 or possibly real late 1986, so she may be 22 by now. Yvonne says Missy was 2 years old when she got her so she don't know much about her before that.

The first time I took her to the vet about 4 years ago I think because she acted like she had a sore mouth or tooth at the time, while the vet was checking her over she asked how old she was and I said we think about 17 or 18 and she thought I was kidding. She did have a infected tooth but some antibiotics took care of it. She said normally she would have just removed the tooth but when I got her to believe how old she is she didn't want to chance removing the tooth. I have had to the vet a few times in the last few years and the vet always says Missy is amazing.

We talked about her tooth when it acted up again about maybe removing it but she was against it, then she said we could do some blood tests to see if she is showing any problems that we can't see on the outside, so I said go ahead and a couple days later she calls and said she couldn't believe how well her blood work turned out. She did the blood tests again earlier this year to compare to the last blood work about 1 1/2 years before and there was basically no change and going on that if need be she might consider removing the tooth if it became to much of a problem, but since I have been feeding her soft wet food her tooth has not been much of a problem, she still eats the dry food for the other cats so her tooth must be OK yet.

The vet said chances are because of her age the Missy probably wouldn't be with us much longer, she said a year at most, I laughed and said Missy is tough as nails and will probably be here for another 5 years, I was half joking but she thought about it for a minute and said you may be right. I don't know if she will make another 5 years but I think she has been here close to year since she said that. She has slowed down allot in the last year but she still can get goofy at times and tear around pretty good yet. I have noticed that sometimes she acts like her back legs are causing problems like if she jumps to the floor from the bed or something like that but after she takes a few steps she is fine again so I am watching her close. After the new years stuff is all over I want to take her in just for another check up just to see if her vet can see anything new with her.

I am pretty sure she is not suffering in any major way yet but she is real good at hiding stuff like that. I have been pretty sick myself since last Sunday and Missy has been by my side or lays on my chest like she knows I am sick, so I pet her and she lays there and purrs away.

Sorry, I didn't mean to right a book here but I thought some might like to know some of Missy's story.

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they are all so pretty!!!!!
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Hey Tom, thanks for sharing Missy's story! May I ask what kind of food you are using for Missy? Its just inspiring to know of an actual cat who is 21-22 years old. How wonderful it would be if all our beloved companions stay with us that many years, blessing us with their purrs and the odd quirk.
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She has always been real fussy about what she will eat. She really likes the Friskies Ocean Whitefish & Tuna wet food. Yvonne said she has never liked the better more expensive stuff. For dry food they all like the IAMS indoor weight and hairball care. Misty and Angel are a little chubby so thats why I tried this stuff. I tried many different ones before I found that they all like this one.
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I love how the cat bed is way way over on the chair and all three cats are on the bed
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Originally Posted by Bonnie1965 View Post
I love how the cat bed is way way over on the chair and all three cats are on the bed
Missy normally sleeps in the cat bed, but now that its cold outside she must not like being next to the walls. Some times she will dig her way under the blanket on the bed so I have to watch out that I don't sit on her.

I can't sleep again tonight and we have 3 of the 4 cats in bed with us. Missy is curled up next to Yvonne and Misty and Angel were at my feet, which is a little odd because Angel don't like Misty and they were almost back to back sleeping. Cozmo hardly ever sleeps on the bed at night, but if I take my nap in the afternoon he is always with me.

I got up to get something to drink, I have had one of the worst colds I have ever had this week so my throat is dry and sore all the time. So I sat down by the puter for a while, Misty is in my lap now being a pest.
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Aww, they're so pretty
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