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OMG Mom & I each bought a Wii yesterday!!

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We were christmas shopping and at the last store-Target just picking up some miscellaneous items and I was wheeling the cart down the aisles and for some reason slowed down by that aisle!!

There was a salesperson there helping someone else and I don't know what posessed me to ask if there were any Wii's. He said yes they did so mom asked for one (she plays Wii sports bowling at her sisters house). She also bought another controller. Trust me when I go there in a couple of weeks this will still be in the box.

Anyhow I made a spot decision and got one too. Merry Christmas.
Didn't buy anything additional though. Have to put something on the list after all.

So just playing with the Wii sports. The local video store does have some games for rent which I'll probably check out before getting any more.
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I love my Wii.
You will have fun with yours.
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I love my Wii too! Have fun!
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We just bought one too! We came across some unexpected money and decided to spoil ourselves and buy a Wii. We played last weekend at my aunt's house and it was so much fun. We rented Mario Sluggers (or something like that) tonight and my fiance was playing it. He really liked it. We also rented Carnival Mini Golf which was fun. I know my arm's going to be sore tomorrow from all that baseball playing.

One game that we played last weekend was Outdoor Adventures. That was REALLY fun. I've already asked for that for Christmas. I want Wii Fit too.
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I recommend looking through the games you can buy directly on the wii. You buy wii points, they're $10 for 1000 points, and you can buy some really good games for 800-1200 points. You can buy all of the old Mario games, etc. We just bought the new Tetris game they have on there and it's a lot of fun. Plus, when you're looking for something new, but don't want to spend 50 bux, it's a really good option.
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I have always loved Nintendo! I have a gameboy advance SP and a DS. I regret giving my Nintendo away now. I have been thinking about getting a Wii, but in all honesty I just don't have as much time to do the things I used to so that's why I got the DS. I have heard great things about it though! Have fun with your Wii!
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Well one thing is I only have dial up internet but from what I gather you can work with that to hook up to the internet.
I'm a hugh Mahjong fan so I'll have to see if there is something like that.
We've never had any type of game system before other than some computer games.
We played arcade games in bars when we were dating in the early 80's!!
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I just wish my wii would work right.
The last 4 days it has been saying error.
Makes me mad because I use Wii fit to exercise.
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Have fun with that Gail! I really like mine.

If you aren't sure about what games or types of games you would like, I suggest where you can rent games (unlimited). You can rent 1 or 2 games at a time, but the price isn't bad considering. A lot less expensive than buying the games and finding you don't play them much!
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I made mistakes with a few of the games I got.
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Funny! I love my Wii too. I hope I get Wii Fit for Christmas.
I like the sports games, too. I love Mario Kart, though. My all time favorite game!
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First thing you need to put on your list to buy: Charge Station. You don't want to have to keep replacing batteries. Nyko makes a decent station for that.
You may also want to get another remote and nun chuck - but that depends on if anyone else will be playing.
The Wii is wireless, to get internet on it you either need to have a wireless router or buy an adapter if your connection is still wired. I'm not sure if they have one for 56k.

For games, stores will be having a lot of sales Friday. Look some games up online and check reviews. Unfortunately, Wii has a lot of bad games as Nintendo will let just about anything get released on their systems - but this is something they've done all the way back to Famicom/NES days.

Movie rental stores will have a lot of Wii games, usually, but expect to pay around $6-$8 for 5-7 nights.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
I just wish my wii would work right.
The last 4 days it has been saying error.
Makes me mad because I use Wii fit to exercise.
If you cant get it to work go to Nintendo site or call them they usually have a warranty on them and if you break it yourself and it has been less then a year they may even replace it for a lower amount. My nephew bit and cracked the screen on his grandmas ds and she got it replaced for like half the price cause it was less then a year old.
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I love my Wii. I really want a wii fit. It would be so much fun. Some of the games I loved are Paper Maria, and Mario Galaxy. I have others and just haven't played them much yet, but I will. If you like mini games you may like raven rabid rabits 2. That is pretty fun. Mario party is ok but it gets boring fast but it is a ton of fun with a group of people. Anyway I love love love it.
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