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Problems with MY hair

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Ok, I know this is a little gross, but it is really gross for me to deal with and I was hoping for some suggestions.

Somehow, Marcie (with all the grooming that she does) ingests my long hair. I know that, aside from shaving myself bald, there is no way to prevent my hairs from being deposited around the house in between weekly vacuumings.

Is there anything I can do for Marcie to prevent the episodes where she runs throughout the house at top speed with poo connected to her butt by my hair that is being bounced off of walls, carpet, and furniture because she can't completely pass the hair? It is really rather bizarre to watch, but gross to clean up. Marcie doesn't completely appreciate it when I finally catch her and have to sit on her head while extracting the long hair from her lower digestive system.

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I've had the same problem with my cats. A few things that have helped:

1) Try to wear your hair up while you're at home. Put it in a braid or bun, or tie it up in a scarf. This prevents loose hairs being shed randomly around the house.
2) Whenever you comb or brush your hair, try to do it over the sink so you can gather up the hairs that come out and put them in the trash (in a covered trash can). If you use a brush, keep it put away where your cat can't get to it when you aren't using it.
3) Gather up and throw away the hairs that come loose in the shower so your cat can't consume them if she drinks or plays near the drain
4) Use a satin pillowcase to reduce the number of hairs pulled loose in your bedding at night (this is also better for reducing hair breakage too)

In addition to your weekly vacuuming, try to do a quick daily vacuuming or sweeping only of areas that you frequent with your hair down - it shouldn't take more than a few minutes if you wear your hair tied back most of the time you're at home. Be sure to check your vacuum cleaner's brush attachment (if it has one) for hairs getting wrapped around it, and remove them so they don't slow down/clog the brush and burn up the vacuum cleaner (I've learned this the hard way!)

Please be super careful removing the hairs - I'd suggest asking your vet about the safest way to deal with this when it happens.
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Originally Posted by WELDRWOMN View Post
...Marcie doesn't completely appreciate it when I finally catch her and have to sit on her head while extracting the long hair from her lower digestive system.
I can't offer solutions for preventing her from ingesting the hair....BUT, so you know, it is potentially dangerous to pull out anything that is protruding from a cat's anus. (or similarly, from the mouth)

To remove that hair, I'd suggest that you simply cut off the protruding hair an inch or so from her body.
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You have to be very careful with that, your hair can wrap around her intestines and it can become very dangerous for her.
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I got one of these cordless vacuums:


...years ago because I needed a quick cat hair vacuum (it actually gets up Butterbean hair ). I got a second one when our daughter was born and started navigating through the house (something broke on the first one after 3 or 4 years), and I got a 3rd one because the battery on the second one wore out (it lasted several years though), and it was almost cheaper to get a 3rd vacuum that had a special offer freebie extra battery with it than to buy just the battery. So now I have 2, lol, and I lovvvve this vacuum!

The handle detaches and I do the furniture with it (it has a brush roll). It's great for quick touch ups- maybe something like this would help you? Good luck!
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