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Oh did I make the kittens mad

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I made 3 kittens mad! I got tired of cat straches[sp] up and down my arms back feet,so I cut the very tip of their nails!They did not like it!!
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You such a Meanie Sherral!just kidding!
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They have a very bad habit of waking me up at 2:00 AM by climbing up my arm or leg anything that is not under cover! It hurts!!
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I remember those days very vividly! They are at the age where they don't realize that those sharp little boogers hurt like crazy.

As a matter of fact, I think I've still got the scars on the top of my hands to prove it!
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I scar very easy so I will have battles scar's long after the kittens ae gone!
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Get some Vitamin E oil or cream, it helps reduce the scarring. Plus, it makes your skin super soft. It's dirt cheap too. I think Walmart has the oil for just over $2 and the cream is maybe $3.50?

It last for a long time too! Just a FYI for ya!
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I will try it thanks!
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You're welcome!
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Better to start now than later when they're bigger with bigger nails. But I know the babies nails (and teeth) are razor sharp. Healup quick!!
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Shell - although the tip wasnt for me, I think I will take your advice - I have lots of scars LOL Does it work for stretch marks after having a baby? I have heard that it helps.

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Fluff still does this except she goes for the feet...I have lots of scratches on the tops of my feet from her pouncing on them...
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I still have Maddie scars, as we like to call them here. Reminders of her kittiehood

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I love my boo boo!!! She never uses her claws on me She paws me all the time and bites my hands sometimes but little gnaws dont hurt as much as scratches.
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I still get an ocassional scratch from my kitties
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i trim my guys nails every three weeks, or then they start poking me!
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P.s. PrincessPurr The kitty/Human Pic is SOOO kawaii ( Cute )

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Thank you
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Yes I was just admiring that myself.
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