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Unhinged Ophelia Rose - Screaming & Playing

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I've long tried to capture Ophelia's lovely voice & I finally did. Yes - it's a video of a door - but you can hear he. She's actually being quiet in this vid.

This video is of "Unhinged Kitty" - she was going berzerk in the box.

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The one of her in the box is soo cute

I have a feeling, if that first video is quiet of Ophelia, her and Kiko sound pretty similar. Sometimes, he will go on FOREVER, nonstop, almost "worried" pitch and nothing will make him stop, unless you stop whatever it is you are doing, wherever you are, go pick him up, then he starts to purr.
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Love the video of her in the box! And that meow... Spooky Bear has the EXACT same meow/yell.
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Well, at least she knows how to entertain herself
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Ophelia's deaf - so she gets yelling so loud you can hear her from outside the house. It'll wake everyone in the middle of the night.

Unfortunately - being deaf - she has a limited range of vocalizations & she makes the same screaming noise when she's happy or when she's about to try to kill another cat!
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OMG! I guess Flowerbelle has a "normal" range of vocalizations because she wasn't born deaf. But that voice sure goes with the kitty that won 1st place for scary cat!

(Flowerbelle totally freaks herself out like the video of Ophelia in the box from time-to-time. Just today her tail was bushed up three times the size she is! ) ....Too cute, Nat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Stoli meows like that with socks in his mouth

Yeah, that's right - sockS
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I turned the volume of my speakers right up and couldn't hear the first video. But I did see the one of her in the box. She sure is enjoying herself!
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