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Actual WEDDING pictures!

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These aren't the professional ones yet! But it is a start!

Roger's mother died in 84 so we had a wedding picture of her framed with a rose with her. You can also see our cake next to it! It was SOOO yummy! Totally unlike anything I have ever had before.
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I'm sure she was smiling from above! What a wonderful idea! made me tear up!
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I don't know why these pictures get distored after I upload them here after I resize them, but I guess you get the idea, anyway!

My stepfather taking me down the aisle. It was outdoors and this was the beginning of the aisle. We each came down either side of the stone stairs you see. My friend, Brandi, is in back of me smoothing my train out.
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Ahh....the wedded kiss that tied the knot! ((my bouquet was a HUGE cloud of baby's breath))
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My flowergirl, Mattie, and her brother, Jack at the stone stairs that lead to the aisle sidewalk. Jack handed out programs that we scrolled and wrapped with ribbon. He is holding the brown basket we threaded ivory tuelle with and put the programs in.
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Roger and his dad at the rose trellis we were married at (Pre-ceremony). It was just SOOO pretty there! Roger wore tails with his tux, but I see now that it makes him look like he has short stubby legs! LMAO!
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Our entrance into the reception dinner as Mr. and Mrs!!!

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These photos look great! It's absolutely beautiful there. I would love to have an outside wedding.

Keep 'em coming!!! Can't wait to see more of your dress and hair!
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Carrie - WE WANT TO SEE YOU!!!!!

The wedding looks beautiful though. What a perfect location, handsome groom, precious kiddies, gorgeous where's the good picture of the beautiful bride?????

(I wish I had thought of doing that for my mother at my wedding, what a lovely tribute to her. My mom was going to be the honorary matron of honor, but we didn't get the bulletins made. She was in my mind, just no one else knew it.)

I wish I could have been there to share your day with you and Roger. It looks like a gorgeous wedding. I would have cried for sure!
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OMG! You are so pretty! Congratulations! It looks like a perfect day for the perfect wedding.
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Carrie, everything looked beautiful. Congratulations I hope you guys live happily ever after.
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Carrie you had a lovely cake, dress, flower girl and ring bearer but what about you, silly? Where's the beautiful bride?????
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Wow - they are beautiful! Looked like you had the perfect day for an outdoor wedding! So how does it feel to be an old married woman?
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Actually..being married is GREAT!! Well, so far. Maybe just could be the honeymoon phase still going on.

There are no real closeups of me yet! The closest you get is the one of us making the entrance.
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Your wedding okks BE-U-TI-FUL!!!!!!!

I'm with Heidi - We'll be waiting to see YOU!!!!
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What a beautiful wedding!!!!!! You look absolutely georgous Carrie!!!
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What a great day you must of had. that was nice that you put grand mothers picture there. the kids are adorable!
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Gorgeous Kids and you carrie , look like you had a lovely wedding
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I love the pics so far!!!! I want to see the closeups!!!!! I know you were a beautiful bride!!!! I want to see!!!!
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WOOOOOOOWIIEEEEEE! Carrie you make an exceptionally beautiful and glowing bride. I hope I look half that pretty for my wedding (If I ever get married!!!).

Congratulations again
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What a beautiful place to have your wedding! I'm so glad it didn't rain and it looked like just a GORGEOUS day !!!

Carrie - I had to go poking around to find this thread but I knew it was here! I didn't want to miss out on the pics....

What is there to say? Gorgeous dress, really beautiful setting. That cake looked incredible. Including the pic of Roger's mom was so thoughtful...

It seems like it was a truly great day. You made it through great, despite all the worries, didn't you!!!!!!!

(Looks like you got a great wedding kiss, too!!!!)

Still loving married life? Used to that ring on your finger?

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YEP!! I love my married life! Love the ring on my finger! It is actually still sinking in. I got my new social security card in the mail so I guess I don't have my maiden name anymore!

Roger wants to try and conceive. That I am not sure about yet!
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